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Guest Article -
By Marc Brady of Microfibre UK

Close up of an extra long nap microfibre coth, designed to be super absorbant. The unltra fine fibres are like velcro on dirt, dust and liquids.

Microfibre - a revolution in cleaning technology

Have you used microfibre for your car valeting and detailing? If you have never come across microfibre you will be amazed by its credentials. Here are just a few reasons to use it, and a few pointers for use.

How Microfibre works

How microfibre works  - cross section diagram

Microfibre is made from thousands of tiny fibres, around 200,000 per square inch, these act like tiny hooks that absorbs dirt and moisture and lock it away, rather than pushing it around the surface. The fibres are made from a 80/20 split of polyester/polyamide which give the product both high absorption and durability. One cloth lasting up to 500 washes.

Microfibre can be used on paintwork, chrome, steel, glass and plastic. It can be used to clean, dry and polish with fantastic results in every department.

  • Cleaning - Use the large cloth 80x40 cm to wash down the paintwork. It will cut down your work time and effort by 20% without using any abrasive brushes to remove stubborn dirt. It will also cut down drastically the amount of cleaning detergents used. Immerse in water frequently to let the dirt out.
  • Drying - Use the large cloth for drying .Microfibre uses capillary action to absorb 5 times more moisture than traditional materials. Professional Car valeters are saying they use this instead of chamois leather. You can dry the car down without any smearing giving a polished finish, fast. The cloths also wring out and dry very quickly, making it ready for the next job and they do not go stiff as a board.
  • Polishing - Use the small cloth 40x40cm to polish. The nap on this cloth is slightly smaller and thicker. The edges are woven with the same soft , product to stop any scratching and it is 100% lint free. Use this on paintwork, glass or interiors. It is best to work in a back and forth motion rather than circular as this does not unload the products you have just picked up.Try and use a fresh part each time and when it starts to smear, pick up a new cloth! You will be amazed at the mirror like finishes.

When maintaining your microfibre cloths either wash in cold water or put into a washing machine on a very low heat. They will clean well with a very small amount of detergent, but make sure it does not have fabric softener in as this clogs the fibres and stops the product from performing as well. Best left to dry naturally. For more information please go to

Microfibre is the future for textiling and cleaning. At Microfibre UK we import from one of the leading far east companies who have been making microfibre for the last decade and have awards for their advancements in this field. We will continue to bring high quality products to an ever increasing field of automotive valeting and detailing.

Marc Brady
Marketing Director Microfibre uk


"During one of the Clean Image weekly training sessions, Gary was due to demonstrate how to clean windows with a microfibre cloth. He asked one of the trainees to put some grease on a window to show the adsorbent properties of microfibre.
The trainee went a little overboard and sprayed the entire window with white grease -- but sure enough, the microfibre removed all the grease without the need of any other cleaning agent. It just soaked it up.
Microfibre is nothing short of amazing!"

Danny - Clean Image



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