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DannyDanny Argent ~ 7/09/05

inspecting the rear seats.
While we had the car, we also hand cleaned the engine, applied WD-40 Waxoyl and white grease to the metal wear, locks & hinges, shampooed the carpets and conditioned the leather - this is where we had a problem!
The above photos shoes the boss inspecting the rear seat..

inspecting the rear seats.


It seems that at some point the rear seat had been damaged and this was made worse when we conditioned the seat - and then our efforts to improve the situation had made it even worse again.

So now you know - we aren't perfect after all. We valet or repair several thousand cars every year, and it's only to be expected that accidents are going to happen on a few of them. What really counts is how we deal with these little issues. Of course, we are in the business of repairing exactly this kind of damage, so this is nothing we can't put right - I'll update this article with photos of the seat once it's done.

Update: This gentleman did bring his car back and we fixed the seat, we met him halfway with the price, he was very happy but unfortunately I wasn't here to get any photos. Paul did bring his Porsche to us but it was already in very good condition and we advised him that it didn't warrant any major work for the time being. However there were a few bits that needed attention, about which we gave him some advice on how to fix them.



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