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Mercedes & Jaguar Dent Removal

We removed dents with PDR and Midi-Repair.

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Video Transcript

Gary: 'A' Class Mercedes with a couple of nasty dents in it, in the door, I don't know if you can see those? There's one here and it also looks like it's scratched, but actually we call that paint transfer, it's dented here, it's quite a big dent, it's down to about there and it's a crease there and this here is paint transfer, luckily it's paint from whatever hit her. See the dent dow the bottom there as well?

Gary: It's a tricky one but our paintless dent removal technician is going to see if he can do it. If he can do it, (and this is at the top end of paintless dent removal I can tell you), then he'll save not only the door from being resprayed but the wing and the other door because on a silver car like this, to make a nice match you have to do what they call 'a blend'. So this would mean that this would be resprayed, this panel the door, and then you'd have to respray this panel even though there is nothing wrong with it. But normally you would fade along the panel and then this panel would be lacquered. And the same with the front wing even though there is nothing wrong with it.

Gary: Some bodyshops would insist on having a new door or what the call a door skin. so if you were to be returning this car to a lease company, then you's expect a charge for two, three, maybe four hundred pounds, for that door depending on whether the lease company were going to replace that door. It could even be more than that, it could be five hundred pounds if they though they needed to replace the door skin.

Gary: It's now being levered from the other side, so there's nobody inside the car but what's actually happening is there is a bar that goes down between the rubbers, and it's now being pushed in exactly the right spot so if you look down there you can just see it moving. The board is there so that the reflection can be seen. It's slowly being pushed and manipulated.

Gary: Right so, this is the bottom one now. Looking down on it now because that the right angle, but with the board there you can get a much better idea now, look there's the board and we can see the dent in the reflection. And that's exactly how it's being done. You can see the line there, and there's another board there so from the other angle it can be seen. You can actually see that dent being moved very, very carefully. The whole panel is moving but it's being pushed the other side of the dent so when the panel flexes back of course slowly it is pushing the dent out. All cleaver stuff!.

Gary: He's just touching up the tiny little chip that's there, and another one on the top... just a tiny chip.

Gary: So it saved them repainting the door, so what would this have cost?

Arron: To do the dents, around one-forty. [£140.00]

Gary: Okay and how long did we need the car?

Arron: We've had it for a couple of hours.

Gary: Right, okay, so there you go, it's saved that panel from being resprayed completely. This lady is going to be over the moon with that.

Arron: Yeah, she will be.

Gary: Brilliant! When those chips are touched in you are hardly going to notice it at all are you?

Arron: No you won't.


Gary: Now this is a funny one because somebody's had a try at removing the dent... and they're not an expert unfortunately. They are probably more of a novice, and unfortunately, our dent man who is very good, he's going to see what he can do with this, but unfortunately he's not going to be able to make it right. The paint is already cracked so we can only make an improvement. I suspect this is going to need to be resprayed. So it is sometimes, not always, but sometimes very important to get a very good dent man drom the outset. In this instance, our dent man may have been able to save this. But now he's going to try, we don't know yet, obviously it's going to have a crack in the paint, so the customer is suggesting he wants to compromise now, so we'll let him have a look at it and see if he thinks he can do anything, we may be able to just touch it in once it's done. But I suspect it would be a 'No' because the panel has been pushed wrongly.

Gary: So we're at Kraftwork Refinishing... now you'll see it's been repaired. So it's had to be completely re-sprayed, it's only the rear-quarter that's had to be done, which is this panel here. And there's where the damage was on that corner.

Gary: So it's all been done properly. Obviously it's not as convenient or... it's a little bit more expensive than having paintless dent removal done.

GaryGary Wray ~ 20/10/10


Dents on a Mercedes and a Jaguar -- some we can remove with paintless dent removal, some we can't. We repaired the Jaguar dent with a midi-repair.

Some dents can be removed with paintless dent removal, others need a midi-repair. It's always worth asking us if we can remove your dents through Ask the Experts.
Send us a photo and we will tell you the best way to fix it.


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