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Maserati Wheel Refurbishment

Curbed alloy wheels on a Maserati

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Maserati has just had the two near-side wheels done, completely refurbished, same day, with a full three year guarantee. And We'll show you how we do it.

A stunning Maserati in today for alloy wheel refurbishment. Both near-side alloys are being refurbed. The front one is the worst one out of the two,I'll show you that very quickly. There's kerb scuffing around half the circumference of the alloy, a straight-forward one to do, standard silver, they will look fantastic when they are done. Just to show you the rear one, the kerbing is no-where near as severe as the front one there.

Just preparing the alloys at the minute, getting in all the nooks-and-crannies. We had to fill areas on the alloys as well, there were some quite deep gouges on the exterior rim.

This stage he is putting the primer on the alloy, you can see an even coat is being applied. We apply a three your guarantee to all our alloy repairs.

As you can see now, the silver coating has actually been put on this alloy, all the repairs have been carried out. It has to go in for the final coat of lacquer we put on, we use a very, very good strong coat of lacquer, it's one of the reasons we can apply a three year guarantee to every silver alloy wheel we repair, because we use very good quality products on the alloys. I'll just go over to the booth and show you the final coat of lacquer being put on the alloy.

Okay, we're torquing this up with a torque wrench to finish off, the 're all done in the same day and we have a three year guarantee applied to this alloy wheel and all other alloys that we do as well.

KieranKieran Bass ~ 30/11/2011


A Maserati with scuffing on two wheels. We show you how the wheels are filled, sanded, keyed, primed and painted, before the wheels are put back on the car using a torque wrench. All done as a same day service.

We can carry out this kind of recolouring on most kinds of wheel, it's always worth asking us through Ask the Experts.
Send us a photo and we will tell you the best way to fix it.


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