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Leather seat scratch repair

Using modern connolising to repair a scratch on a Mini

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GaryGary Wray ~ 22/05/10

Connollising process

This video shows some scratches before and after reconnollising. In the video you can see Allan matching the colour and touching in by hand one of the damaged areas. The dye he uses contains very strong pigments, plasticizers to make it flexible, fillers to give it build and resins to give it powerful adhesive properties.

After flooding the pigment under and around any loose flaps of leather to stick them back into place, any divots and gouges are filled and the area is sanded down. The immediate are is then usually spray painted with the pigment for coverage, before the whole base or upright of the seat is resprayed first with pigment and then with a special lacquer formulated especially for leather. This along with Allan's skill at colour matching is the secret to getting a finish which is both identical to the factory finish and extremely hardwearing and guaranteed not to fade, discolour, crack or peel, and unlike some products, will not wipe off when you recondition your seats!


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