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Leather Repair & Re-Colouring:-
Cigarette Burn & Worn Seat Bolster

Duration: 10:50
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DannyDanny Argent ~ 13/07/10


This is quite a long video, but it shows how Alan goes about repairing a cigarette burn on the back seat of a Peugeot. After thoroughly cleaning the leather Alan prepares and sands the burn area before filling it with a heat reactive filler. Once the burn hole is filled he mixes up the paint b eye to exactly match the specific area of the seat. Because leather ages and fades, different areas of the leather can be slightly different colours. The area is then recoloured, putting on very thin coats and thoroughly drying between each.

Alan also re-colours the wear on the driver's side bolster (this was a left-hand-drive car) and explains why another burn hole cannot be repaired using the same methods and will require a coach trimmer.

During the video you will see Alan prod and pull at the finished repairs demonstrating just how strong and durable they are.


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