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Reduce claims, reduce premiums

What do you do with a car that has to go back to a lease company, but which has several areas of damage around it? Many fleet managers will put it into a bodyshop and claim on the insurance.

There are a number of possible problems with this scenario:-

  1. Each area of damage has to be treated as a separate claim and you will pay the excess on each. This excess charge is quite likely to make up the lion share of the cost of each repair, it may even exceed the cost of repairs from an independent body shop.
  2. You are limiting your repair options to only 'body shop repair' and excluding all of the more cost effective solutions.
  3. You are likely to find that the insurance approved body shop will only repair the damage which is being claimed for, minor damage on adjacent panels will be ignored -- we have seen repairs where body shops have 'faded out' over dents and scratches because they are not part of the claim. As a result, your car may be returned to you with problems which could have easily been fixed, but weren't and will now incur recharges.

Pay less for repairs

Crash Repair Centres working mainly for insurance companies will be working to a matrix, and have no incentive to deviate from the price list. We work for you and have far greater flexibility -- that doesn't mean we are cutting corners, far from it! We believe that minor damage doesn't warrant replacement panels and we'll put in the extra work to repair them which you saves money. Furthermore, we know your aim is to return the car to the lease company without incurring recharges, so we'll work with that goal in mind.

A front wing might typically cost around £250 to repair and paint, while your excess may be £150. While you might still consider claiming on your insurance and saving yourself £100, the real saving comes on additional repairs. Even when the body shop option is the chosen method of repair, additional areas of minor damage will often come in under the cost of the excess. when the car is already in the spray booth, any additional work will be more cost effective. When Smart Repair/Small Area Respray and paintwork correction are used to fix minor dents and scratches, even greater savings can be made.

So while claiming on your insurance can be cheaper than paying dealership prices for repair, when it comes to minor car-park damage, it's seldom going to be as cost effective as having the work done yourself.

Lower your Premium

If most of your claims have been for very minor damage, you should be able to greatly reduce the number of claims you make, which should lead to lower insurance premiums. So you'll win twice.

If you do need to make an insurance claim we deal with all the major insurance companies.

This page was last updated on Fri, 8 April, 2011
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