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Lease Car Advice Question 4169
Lease Car Advice Question 4169
Is this fair?
£2742 Lease Return Recharges
We go through a list of charges point by point. See if they are fair, if the prices are reasonable and how money could have been saved.
By Danny - 30/03/12
What to do when you have spilt paint in your car
Using wet towels to keep the paint from drying will make a clean-up easier. Once the spilt paint has dried everything becomes so much harder, parts may need replacing and these could take a long time to arrive.
By Gary -30/11/2011
D.I.Y. Car Paint Spillage Clean
If the paint is water based emulsion, then it is possible to clean up a paint spillage by mopping up, then slowly diluting and vacuum up the paint.
By Gary -26/11/2011

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We have a chair that is badly worn and would like to get it back to new looking. I do realise that you only do furniture but most of the domestic products seem a bit amateurish and not as good a finish as one would get by a car product... [more]

drivers seat needs small restitchibg ipost code rm155db Model: merc clk [more]

The body work is immaculate and shiny apart from this joint under the headlamp. Is it serious rust and very costly to fix? Spider rust? Will car need total respray? South London Model: rover mini... [more]

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Paint Spillage and Insurance Claims
Many paint spillages can be cleaned up for less that the cost of your insurance exess, but it may be worth calling them anyway to let them know what is going and keep you option open.
By Gary - 29/11/2011
Why people end up paying recharge bills for damage
The things that catch people out when they return a lease car. We talked to over 30 lease company and fleet managers, asking them what drivers normally get charged for.
By Gary -12/10/2011
Megane Bumper Scuff Repair
In this video we show a repair to a scuff on a bumper. The paints we use are the same as used in a bodyshop, then last just as long, thats why we offer a three year guarantee.
By Gary -22/08/2011
Smart Car Lease Return
Video Article:
Smart Car Lease Return
A Smart Car with a hole in the carpet, bird's mess marks and some buffer marks on the headlight. Smart Car Repairs for lease return.
By Gary - 04/07/2011
Citroen Lease Preparation
This car came in for one of our Free Lease Appraisals, we had three days to get it fixed before it was returned to the lease company.
By Gary -02/07/2011
Examples of repairs done badly.
A look at a Honda Civic which has some scratches and dents and a scuff on the bumper. It also has some poor repairs on the front wheels.
By Kieran -28/06/2011
Examples of repairs done badly.
Can smart repair really save you money? (Prt 2). If a repair is done badly, it will cost you when you come to sell your car, and if you are returning it to a lease company you are likely to incur recharges, so you''ll pay twice.
By Gary - 20/05/2011
Can smart repair really save you money?
The benefits of a Smart Repair Vs a Bodyshop, and the downsides to both.
By Gary - 20/05/2011
A worn steering wheel.
It's true that New Again can repair all kinds of minor damage and wear, putting it right and making a car look much fresher and newer. But did you ever stop to think what the wear on a car tells you?
By Danny - 19/04/11
VW Beetle mould and leak clean-up
A leaky windscreen let in a load of water, flooding both footwells. The damp had caused mould to grow on traces of dirt throught the car.
By Gary - 10/05/11
End-of-Lease Repairs
Video Article:
End-of-Lease Repairs
In this video we show how a combination of our expertise, smart repair and body shop repair can save hundreds of pounds over the cost of dealership repair prices or the lease company's re-charges.
By Gary - 26/10/10
Mercedes and Jaguar Dent Removal
Dents on a Mercedes and a Jaguar -- some we can remove with paintless dent removal, some we can't. We repaired the Jaguar dent with a midi-repair.
By Gary - 20/10/10
spilt milk in car
Video Article:
Spilt milk in car
This car had milk spilt in it and caused a terrible sour milk smell. To remove this odour we used an extractor to remove the milk and then treated the car with bioactive enzymes.
By Danny and Kieran - 19/10/10
Odour Removal Peugeot 207
This car smelt of body odour and dogs. We used enzymes to kill the smell. They work by eating protien which normally feeds the smelly bacteria... and when the bacteria starves to death, the enzymes eat them too.
By Anna and Arron - 20/09/10
Water Damaged Peugeot 207
By the time this was noticed, the car was begining to smell like a pond. We had to strip out the interior of the car in order to remove and dry the thick carpet underlay. We also used our odour kill system to decontaminate and remove the smell.
By Anna and Kieran- 20/09/10
Porsche Boxter Project
Video Article:
Porsche Boxter Project
This Porsche had a Midi-Repair to the front bumper, the rest of the paintwork was corrected and then Paintsealed. Some dents were also removed and the hood reproofed.
By Gary and Kieran - 14/09/10
Renault lease return bumper scuff.
Video Article:
Bumper Scuff - Renault
This video shows a car which has had hot ash rain down on it, it is also contaminated with smoke.
By Kieran and Arron - 14/09/10
Honda NSX Project
Video Article:
Honda NSX Project
This lovely NSX had some Midi-Repairs, the rest of the paintwork was corrected and then Paintsealed. Inside the car was valeted and the driver's leather seat was recoloured.
By Gary - 07/09/10
Vauxhall Astra Fire Damage
This video shows a car which has had hot ash rain down on it, it is also contaminated with smoke.
By Gary and Arron - 01/09/10
Audi Hood Reproof
Video Article:
Audi Hood Reproof
Most hoods don't need recolouring, as the reproofing usually makes them darker. Although this hood was quite faded, thorough cleaning and water-proofing was all it needed. This video shows how much cleaning is involved before a hood is reproofed.
By Gary and Arron - 28/08/10
Midi Repair - Renault
Video Article:
Midi Repair - Renault
The owner of this car sent us some photos through Ask the Experts to see if we could remove their dents with paintless dent repair. Because the dents were so harsh, we recommended that Kraftwork carry out a Midi-Repair at their bodyshop.
By Gary, Kieran and Davide - 17/08/10
Fiesta Paint Spillage
Video Article:
Fiesta Paint Spillage
Paint spiltt in the back of a Ford Fiesta. Gloss spirit based paints are far harder to clean up than water based emulsion, but in this case we replaced many of the parts as they were readily and cheaply available from a breakers yard.
By Gary, Kieran and Matt - 30/07/10
Nissan 350ZX - Pantless Dent Removal
With paintless dent removal we removed four dents from the doors of this 350zx. We later machine polished this car so any blemishes would have shown up on the pristine paintwork, so it's important to remove imperfections like this before paintwork correction.
By Gary - 30/07/10
Maserati Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
A Maserati with scuffing on two wheels. We show you how the wheels are filled, sanded, keyed, primed and painted, before the wheels are put back on the car using a torque wrench.
By Kieran - 28/07/10
Porsche Project - Connollising
Car Leather Repair: A Porsche which was here for numerous repairs and services, this video shows connollising done to repair a leather seat bolster and handbrake.
By Gary & Alan - 26/07/10
Wheel Refurbishment - Mercedes SLK
In this video we show you how we turn a 'polished face' wheel into a normal painted wheel. Alloy wheel refurbishment on a Mercedes SLK.
By Kieran & Arron - 21/07/10
Large Dent Removal - Smart Repair
In this video we show a removal of a very large dent.
By Gary - 21/07/10
Lease Return - Mercedes SLK289
We did some paintwork on the front end, removed some dents, buffed out a scratch and carried out cosmetic repairs on two wheel before the car was returned to the lease company.
By Kieran - 21/07/10
Leather Repair & Re-Colouring:- Cigarette Burn & Worn Seat Bolster.
Alan shows us how he carries out a couple of common leather repairs.
By Danny & Alan - 13/07/10
Tree Sap Etching Removal
A particularly bad case of tree sap contamination which etched the paintwork requiring us to wet-sand the upper surfaces to correct it.
By Kieran - 09/07/10
Cigarette Burn Repair Video
Video Article:
Cigarette Burn Repair
An example of a burn in a headlining.
By Arron - 06/07/10
BMW hood machine clean.
We restore a very dirty hood on a BMW
By Kieran - 22/05/10
Leather Seat Repair.
Video Article:
Leather Seat Repair
Some scratches on the upholstery of a Mini are repaired using Modern Connollising.
By Gary & Allan - 22/05/10
Polishing out scratches.
Buffing out a scratch.
By Gary - 28/04/10
Bird Dropping Removal
Video Article:
Bird Mess Removal.
Wet sanding the acid etched marks left by bird droppings.
By Gary & Kieran - 26/04/10
Megane hood cleaning.
In this video we show you the results of polishing a plastic rear window and cleaning the hood.
By Gary & Arron - 27/04/10
Could the volcano
We are seeing cars with acid rain damage. Could it be the result of the volcanic fallout?
by Danny - 19/04/10
Vauxhall Astra Lease Return Example.
Wheel Repair, dent repair and scratch removal to get the car ready for return.
By Gary, Kieran, & Danny - 28/4/10
Car Scratch Repair Video
Video Article:
Car Scratch Repair Video
Repairing vandalism -- removing key scratches.
By Kieran & Gary - 17/04/10
Choosing repair options.
The bottom line is that you want to get the job done right, at the best possible price.
By Gary - 17/03/10 View as PDF
How to get out of a lease
Don't keep paying for that car lease.
Let someone else take on the payments!
by TakeMyLease.co.uk - 20/04/10
...because some people haven't a clue what we are talking about.
Work in progress
How to look after your leather interior.
When to clean and condition, how to avoid wear and damage on leather upholstery.
By Danny - 11/09/09
All about the mystical art of Paintless Dent Removal, complete with diagrams.
by Danny - 01/02/10
Smart Repair Madness!
Everybody's doing it... but smart repair isn't the answer to every problem.
By Gary & Danny - 30/12/09 View as PDF
Remove Smell from cars FAQ
Frequently asked questions about removing odours from cars. (Including Doggy smells!)
By Danny - 27/10/09
Repair and a half
Whatever do we mean? It's how we handle rumble strips and feature panels.
By Danny - 3/06/09
Modern Car Restoration Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery:
Modern Car Renovation - 205 photos
The best of the rest! We write articles about some of the cars we restore, time permitting, but there are many other vehicles that pass through our doors. We take photos that get filed away in our archive, sometimes because we don't have before and after shots. Here is a collection of snaps of some really nice cars and the folks who work on them. It gives a good idea of what we do here.
2005 - 2009
Cars caught in flood - clean-up
Cleaning up flooded cars is not as simple as most people think. This article shows why. Also see the photo gallery.
By Gary - 17/02/09
10 tips to increase the value of your car
Secrets used by trade on getting
more when you sell your car.
By Danny - 31/01/09
Should I purchase or lease?
An Article by GoCompare.com about the differences between leased and bought cars.
By GoCompare.com - 2/12/08
Modern Car Restoration Techniques
A run through of the different methods used in refurbishing and restoring modern cars.
By www.cararticles.co.uk - 3/11/08
BMW Leasing
Follow us along as we inspect a leased BMW and prepare it for return.
By Gary, Kieran, & Danny - 23/9/08
Lease Return Inspection and Preparation Video
How you can save money when returning your car to a lease company. These people did!
By Gary - 09/09/08
Car Cosmetics
So what are car cosmetics? We have our own definitions.
By Danny - 06/09/08
Car Air Freshner
You wouldn't think they can damage your car, but they often do and the damage is often very expensive to repair!
By Danny - 05/09/08
leather recolouring Connollising.
Leather Recolouring on a Bentley Turbo RT
By Gary, Kieran. Aaron, & Darrel - 23/8/08
Leather Recolouring Buttonizing
Leather Recolouring article using our strongest method.
By Gary, Kieran. Aaron, & Darrel - 23/8/08
Wacky Backy Odour Removal
Wacky-Tobacky Odour Removal.
By Gary - 22/8/08
De Ville Fabric Hood Recolouring.
Video Article:
Hood Reproofing
We recolour and reproof the fabric hood
on a classic De Ville.
By Gary - 7/7/08
Fence paint splattered on car.
Video Article:
Paint Splatter
Fence paint splattered on a Ford focus,
we remove it.
By Gary - 7/7/08
Rolls Royce Restoration Project.
Special Feature:
"The motor from Majorca
don't look like what it oughta!"

Rolls Royce - Modern Car Renovation
1. Intro & Wheel Refurbishment
2. Glass Repair
3. Rust Repair
4. Leather Recolouring - Seats
5. Leather Recolouring - Steering Wheel
6. Dent Repair
7. work in progress

By Danny & Gary
Car Paint Spillage
A can of paint goes over in the back of a BMW. See how we deal with it.
By Danny - 11/6/08
How good is supagard part 4
This time we have conclusive proof... we got it on video! ...as if you needed any more proof!
By Danny - 11/6/08
Auto Trader - how to get the best out of it.
Auto Trader
How to get the best out of Auto Trader.
By Danny - 9/6/08
Smart Repair
Trying to explain why sometimes a big scuff can be repaired with SMART, and a small one can't. Things are not always as simple as they might seem!
By Danny - Done ages ago, but I forgot to link to it!
5 reasons why you should bring your car to us for paint sealants
- not really an article, but some of the things that make us different from the rest. Important stuff!
By Danny - 6/6/08
An article by Steve Polain of Supagard
Guest Article:
A look at some of the benefits of Supagard with Steve Polain of... Supagard!
By Steve Polain - 6/5/08
Buy or Lease my car?
Advantages for the business owner of leasing their fleet vehicles.
By Darren Nash - Planet Leasing - 30/4/08
Paint Sealant FAQ on a mamouth scale.
Everything you ever wanted to know about sealants and haven't been afraid to ask.
By the web stig - 25/4/08
Honda CRX
We found a car which was treated with Diamondbrite 15 years ago! What kind of condition do you think it is in now?
You will be amazed, we were!
By the web stig - 25/7/06
We review Supagard on a 7 year old SEAT.
How good is Supagard? Part II
Is is worth the money? You be the judge!
What the dealerships don't show you, how a 3 year sealant looks after 7 years. Pretty good.
By Danny - 12/04/08
Supagard on a 6 year old Toyota.
How good is Supagard? Part III
A near mint condition Toyota Rav4.
A car we treated and maintained for the last 6 years.
By Danny - 16/04/08
Supagard is really good!
This article serves as an introduction to the articles above.
By Danny Argent - 4/07/05 updated: 19/12/09
Jewelultra Diamondbrite
Guest Article:
Why Diamondbrite?
Matt Elliston of Jewelultra tells us why we should have Diamondbrite on (and in) our cars, and tells us how it works.
By Matt Elliston - 04/8/06
Lease company telephoe operator
The benefits of our services to the lease companies
By Gary Wray - 27/07/07
An inspection
A case study of a car inspected by New Again.
By Danny - 26/06/07
benefits if lease return inspection
It's not just the money... There are many other benefits too!
By Danny - 29/06/07
The Triangle of Terror!
Lease Return Article:
The Triangle of Terror!!!
The cause and the solution to the arguments between drivers, fleet managers and lease companies.
By Danny - 06/07/07
Why drivers can't be inspectors
Why drivers who inspect their own cars miss most of the damage.
By Danny - 07/07/07
fishy odors
There was something fishy about the BMW Mini, could there be foul play? The game was afoot!
By Danny - 4/06/07
Motorsport sponsorship
An article about motorsport sponsorship, why you can't get it, what you are doing wrong, and how to take a new approach.
By Danny - 12/03/07
Italian Job
Special Feature:
The Italian Job 2006
A photo diary of Lauren's journey to the land that gave us Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati, we follow some very British super cars in one of the world's most famous races.
By Lauren Stebbing- 20/12/06
cheap valeting poor buffing technique
It's debatable if you can actually call it a valet -- but take a look and see what you get when you take a brand new car to a cheap car wash.
By Danny - 27/01/07
Buffer trails left by poor buffing technique
A comprehensive look at paintwork correction using rotary buffing - including the Zenith point technique.
By Mark (Brazo) - 4/11/06
An example of paintless dent removal on a large dent.
By the web stig - 14/10/06
Valeting or detailing? You be the judge!
Car valeting, car grooming, auto detailing, auto reconditioning, etc. What's the difference between them and a car wash?
By the web stig - 08/09/06
wet sanding
An example of the wet sanding technique used to remove bird dropping damage and scratches - part of our new paintwork correction service.
By the web stig - 09/08/06
Honda NXS
Porsche Carrera S
Willy's Summer Visit
Willy Winterfalk visited us again this summer to buff some cars. Although this is a repeat performance with yet more Porsches, it's always worth taking a peak at his work.

Part 1 - Honda NSX
Part 2 - Porsche Carrera S
Part 3 - Autocar Magazine - Scratched Astra
Part 4 - Porsche Carrera 4
By www.cararticles.co.uk - 3/11/08
buffing with a large 200mm pad
If you buff cars then the easiest way is with a 200mm pad, yet many people are scared by larger pads?
By Willy Winterfalk - 28/7/06 - High speed buffing with large pads Hochgeschwindigkeitspolieren mit gro�en Polierscheiben (200mm) Polering Med H�g Hastighet och Stora Rondeller
Holograms - buffing marks - swirl marks
Many people find that once they have buffed a car and got it out in direct sunlight they get buffer marks. Willy shows us how to avoid it.
By Willy Winterfalk - 28/7/06 - How to avoid swirl marks Wie Man Rotationsspuren(Hologramme) Vermeiten Hur man undviker polerrosor (Holograms)
the sculptor - still from 206 advert - an amazing bit of panel beating!
Some are good and cheap, some are bad and expensive. How to find the right company for you.
By the web stig - 29/07/06
Limousine roof clean
An insurance company points a limo in our direction after some firework damage to the roof.
By the web stig - 6/5/06
150 Honda power boat
A run through of the different methods used in refurbishing and restoring modern cars.
By Danny - 3/6/06
Microfibre Cloths
Find out why microfibre is taking the valeting world by storm.
By Marc Brady- 24/4/06
Crome wheel care
Guest Article:
Chrome Wheel Care
How to maintain, care and clean chrome wheels - we asked the experts at Cruzin On Chrome and they gave us this article.
By Peter Moorcroft
Article High Mileage Lease Cars
Some tips on how to avoid end-of-lease recharges for excess mileage.
By Terrence Jumbe
Article on car leasing
Smart Leasing 5 Step Guide on choosing a leased car.
By Terrence Jumbe
A complete guide full of useful advice and tips about how to care for and return your leased car.
By Danny Argent - 10/01/06
Article on the foam Buffing Pads from Allbrite.
Willy Winterfalk talks us through a Porsche he buffed while visiting Clean Image and explains why the Allpad buffing system is unbeatable.
By Willy Winterfalk
TVR Paint restoration
We removed light scratches and swirl marks and corrected the paintwork on a TVR using the AllPad chemical buffing system.
By Danny Argent- 12/09/05
Porsche project
Guest Article:
Porsche Project
We carried out a project on a Porsche, Paintwork and wheels. See us removing scratches and swirls on this beautiful car.
By Danny Argent- 2/08/05
Paul's Dad
The Porsche article (above) generated a lot interest from as far away as Japan.
By Danny Argent- 7/09/05
green bonnet
Find out why Mark valeted a bonnet with a scrubbing brush and mud!
By Danny Argent- 7/07/05
Simon Kiddle with his VW
We play a game with car values, on and off the radio...
it's a game everybody can win!
By Gary Wray - 10/12/04
All about booking your car in and the way in which we do things.
By Sam - A long time ago
All about our appraisal system and the way in which we do things.
By Danny - A long time ago
A short article giving basic advice to new car buyers.
By Gary Wray - 19/08/04
Article: Why Valet?
Find out all the benefits of a valet, why and when you should have it done. And how it can pay you back!
By Gary Wray - 11/12/03
Why we think you should come and see us more
often and what you would get out of it.
By Gary Wray - 08/07/04
How to Guide:
Selling Guide
A complete guide full of useful advice and tips about how to sell your car. Learn where to advertise, when to advertise, and how to get the most money for your vehicle.
By Danny Argent - 20/11/03    Last Updated 6/06/05
A report on Danny's busman's holiday and fact finding mission to Alingsås, and the different problems and approaches to valeting between the two countries.
By Danny Argent - 09/01/04
Charity Absiel
Charity abseil to raise money for Chelmsford Unity Club.
By Danny
The causes, the damage, prevention and cure.
By Danny Argent - 10/01/04 - Updated 19/12/05
Article: Something Every Fleet Manager should know
Five reasons why a car valet is a wise investment
Find out how valeting saves Fleet managers time and money
By Danny Argent - 13/01/04
All the questions people usually ask about having their wheels repaired, from chrome wheels to buckled and smashed wheels.
By Danny Argent - 20/05/05
The title says it all, here is an example of one of our 'second attempts' at removing tobacco odours.
By Danny Argent - 24/09/05
Sean touching in stone chips
Due to popular demand, I have answered one of the most commonly asked questions - how to go about taking care of stone chips.
By Danny Argent - 29/04/05
A random isn't quite as fancy as some of the other machines, but it can still work wonders on light scratches.
By Danny - A long time ago
Photo Article: Stone Chip Repair opens in new window
Photographic example of how stone chip touch-in
can dramatically improve the appearance of your car.
By Danny Argent - 20/06/04
Before and after shots of Alloy wheel restoration.
By Danny Argent - 21/06/04
Photo Article: Bumper Scuff Repair opens in new window
How we can repair trim and bumpers using special paints
which mimic the effect of textured plastic.
By Danny Argent - 21/06/04
Before and after shots of the restoration of a rear plastic window
on a convertible car using Hindsight™.
By Danny Argent - 16/09/04 - Updated 25/08/05
Actual photos of how a Renovo® treated hood looks in the rain.
By Danny Argent - 16/09/04
restoring faded paintwork on red Vauxhall
Another flick through our photo album and some examples of how we deal with scratched, faded and dull paintwork with wet sanding and buffing.
By Danny Argent - 07/07/04
How these 'Evil' machines ruin your paintwork and devalue your car.
By Danny Argent - 03/07/04
My reflection in the mirror finish paint work
Not only did we remove the concrete fallout from this Audi, but we also removed the dents and buffed the car to a mirror finish.
By Danny Argent - 8/9/05
Mercedes paint clean up
What would you do if somebody threw paint all over the interior of your Mercedes? The insurance company decided to bring the car to us for help. This proved to be one of our most difficult jobs.
By Danny Argent - 17/10/04
Varnish removal
A varnish designed for sealing concrete was thrown over a Peugeot. We got the worst of it off on two hours so that the customer could do the rest himself.
By Danny Argent - 19/09/05
Flood damage vehicle clean up
We cleaned up a flooded Ford Focus for an Insurance company. It was filled with silt and smelt like a swamp so we had to take the car apart to tackle the job.
By Danny Argent - 22/09/05
fire damage odour removal
Fire can cause a lot of damage to a vehicles interior, but the main problem is the smell. Can we fix it? Yes we can!
By Danny Argent - 17/11/04
paint spill clean up
Yet another paint spillage in the boot of an Audi,
here's what to do and how it is dealt with.
By Danny Argent - 10/12/04
As photos become available, I will be posting short pages giving actual examples of smart repairs on interiors. I hope to be able to cover plastic, vinyl, leather and carpet repair in the not too distant future.
By Danny Argent - 25/05/05
Car Care for Modern Paintwork
An April Fools Day Hoax Article:
Car Care for Modern Paintwork
Believe it or not, it actually fooled a few people - and we had great fun writing it.
By Danny Argent - 1st April 2006

Product Reviews

Company and Product reviews
As much as we would like to, we can't do everything! We often find ourselves referring our customers to other companies in related industries. In this section we will showcase their work, because it's fantastic work that they do!

Trimcare are a vehicle trim repair specialist, we show you how they deal with a cigarette burn repair.
Company Showcase: Connollising Gallery
Because connollising is a very specialist skill, Allan has the good fortune to be asked to work on some very rare and unusual vehicles.
By Danny Argent - 06/12/04
Product Review: Park Smart / Bump Buster
Proving that the best ideas are usually simple, these products protect your car from the dangers of the garage.
By Danny - A long time ago
Superb range of professional car care products
By Danny - A long time ago
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