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Lease Car Advice Question 4169
Lease Car Advice Question 4169
Is this fair?
£2742 Lease Return Recharges
We go through a list of charges point by point. See if they are fair, if the prices are reasonable and how money could have been saved.
By Danny - 30/03/12
Why people end up paying recharge bills for damage
The things that catch people out when they return a lease car. We talked to over 30 lease company and fleet managers, asking them what drivers normally get charged for.
By The Team -12/10/2011
Smart Car Lease Return
Video Article:
Smart Car Lease Return
A Smart Car with a hole in the carpet, bird's mess marks and some buffer marks on the headlight. Smart Car Repairs for lease return.
By The Team - 04/07/2011
Citroen Lease Preparation
This car came in for one of our Free Lease Appraisals, we had three days to get it fixed before it was returned to the lease company.
By The Team -02/07/2011
BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear
Arron inspects a lease car which is due for return using the BVRLA fair wear and tear standard. This car was generally in good condition but had a dent, a scuff, and a hole in the carpet.
By Gary and Arron - 26/10/10
Examples of repairs done badly.
A look at a Honda Civic which has some scratches and dents and a scuff on the bumper. It also has some poor repairs on the front wheels.
By The Team -28/06/2011
End-of-Lease Repairs
Video Article:
End-of-Lease Repairs
In this video we show how a combination of our expertise, smart repair and body shop repair can save hundreds of pounds over the cost of dealership repair prices or the lease company's re-charges.
By The Team - 26/10/10
Lease Return - Mercedes SLK289
We did some paintwork on the front end, removed some dents, buffed out a scratch and carried out cosmetic repairs on two wheel before the car was returned to the lease company.
By Kieran - 21/07/10
Vauxhall Astra Lease Return Example.
Wheel Repair, dent repair and scratch removal to get the car ready for return.
By Gary, Kieran, & Danny - 28/4/10
Choosing repair options.
The bottom line is that you want to get the job done right, at the best possible price.
By Gary - 17/03/10 View as PDF
Smart Repair Madness!
Lease Return Article:
Smart Repair Madness!
Everybody's doing it... but smart repair isn't the answer to every problem.
By Gary & Danny - 30/12/09 View as PDF
How to get out of a lease
Don't keep paying for that car lease.
Let someone else take on the payments!
by TakeMyLease.co.uk - 20/04/10
An inspection
A case study of a car inspected by New Again.
By Danny - 26/06/07 View as PDF

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We have a chair that is badly worn and would like to get it back to new looking. I do realise that you only do furniture but most of the domestic products seem a bit amateurish and not as good a finish as one would get by a car product... [more]

drivers seat needs small restitchibg ipost code rm155db Model: merc clk [more]

The body work is immaculate and shiny apart from this joint under the headlamp. Is it serious rust and very costly to fix? Spider rust? Will car need total respray? South London Model: rover mini... [more]

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Lease company telephoe operator
The benefits of our services to the lease companies.
By Gary Wray - 27/07/07 View as PDF
BMW Leasing
Follow us along as we inspect a leased BMW and prepare it for return.
By Gary, Kieran, & Danny - 23/9/08
Should I purchase or lease?
An Article by GoCompare.com about the diferences between leased and bought cars.
By GoCompare.com - 2/12/08
...because some people haven't a clue what we are talking about.
Work in progress
Lease Return Inspection and Preparation Video
How you can save money when returning your car to a lease company. These people did!
By Gary - 09/09/08
Lease Return Inspection and Preparation Video Prt.2
How you can save money when returning your car to a lease company. These people did!
By Gary - 09/09/08
Smart Repair
Trying to explain why sometimes a big scuff can be repaired with SMART, and a small one can't. Things are not always as simple as they might seem!
By Danny - Done ages ago, but I forgot to link to it!
Buy or Lease my car?
Advantages for the business owner of leasing their fleet vehicles.
By Darren Nash - Planet Leasing - 30/4/08
benefits if lease return inspection
It's not just the money... There are many other benefits too!
By Danny - 29/06/07 View as PDF
The Triangle of Terror!
Lease Return Article:
The Triangle of Terror!!!
The cause and the solution to the arguments between drivers, fleet managers and lease companies.
By Danny - 06/07/07 View as PDF
Why drivers can't be inspectors
Why drivers who inspect their own cars miss most of the damage.
By Danny - 07/07/07
the sculptor - still from 206 advert - an amazing bit of panel beating!
Some are good and cheap, some are bad and expensive. How to find the right company for you.
By the web stig - 29/07/06
Article High Mileage Lease Cars
Some tips on how to avoid end-of-lease recharges for excess mileage.
By Terrence Jumbe
Article on car leasing
Smart Leasing 5 Step Guide on choosing a leased car.
By Terrence Jumbe
A complete guide full of useful advice and tips about how to care for and return your leased car.
By Danny Argent - 10/01/06
All about booking your car in and the way in which we do things.
By Sam - A long time ago
paint spill clean up
Yet another paint spillage in the boot of an Audi,
here's what to do and how it is dealt with.
By Danny Argent - 10/12/04


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