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Independant inspection
Independant inspection

The final stage was to commission an inspection from an independent motor mechanic to ensure that we have put the car back together properly - the photo above shows David from Hemming & Reynolds checking the seatbelt fixtures with a torque wrench. Dave Hemmings has at least 45 years experience in motor repairs.

We can expect a lengthy and rigorous inspection by the insurance company, during which their inspector will remove panels and shine his torch into all the recesses, he will also view our photographic record of the work. I have to confess that we enjoy such visits because we know that this way our work is fully appreciated - there is an enormous sense of job satisfaction in flood and fire damage recovery.

Valeted Ford Focus after flood restoration
Valeted Interior.

We were able to return the car as good as new, odour free, silt free and completely dry.

Flood damage recovery
Flood damage recovery

Each and any vehicle caught in a flood is a potential insurance write-off, some will are economically viable to restore, some are not, and the cleaning of the interior is only one factor that needs to be taken into consideration. But our flood recovery service gives insurers and buyers of salvaged vehicles a cheaper option than replacing parts.

As good as new.
As good as new.

Our service includes a full written description of the work to be undertaken, full description, specs and MSDS on the products we use as well as a photographic record of the work as it is undertaken.


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