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Flood damaged seats filled with silt.
Flood damaged seats filled with silt.

As each item was removed from the car it was cleaned and disinfected. Items such as the seats had been treated with bio-active enzymes shortly after we had received the car and so had been given plenty of time to work. Although similar in principal to enzymes used in some domestic products, the enzymes we use are especially designed for this kind of work undertake. We are told that given time, our fast acting enzymes can penetrate one meter of concrete. After activation, we apply pure enzymes to the car, they will not attack any living thing and so are totally safe, but they will eat anything that bacteria can eat, and when the bacteria starves and dies, they then eat the bacteria.

The above photo shows the state of the seats before washing. As these contained no electrical gizmos such as heating elements, air bags or sensors, we were able to flush them through with lots of water - giving them a shampoo isn't quite enough in these cases as they contain a lot of silt, plenty of hot water is the answer for flushing them through and washing the sediment away. Of course, we did shampoo them after we washed them. Luckily, the sponge padding inside the seat is molded and tends to have a rather smooth shiny surface that the silt won't penetrate.

Mark pressure washes the carpets.
Mark pressure washes the carpets.

We were also able to pressure wash the carpets and underlay with disinfectant and hot water. These items are made from synthetic materials and are quite safe to wash in this way, although carpet underlay can be delicate and may not stand up to pressure washing. Sometimes in cases of flood damage it may be preferable to replace the underlay, but in this case we were able to salvage it.

Centre consul and plastic trim.
Centre consul and plastic trim.

The centre console, plastic trim and panels was also cleaned and disinfected. If you were thinking that Mark drinks too much coffee, the plastic cups are used for keeping screws and clips in so that they don't get lost - you may often see them in our photos, now you know why! The white bottles are special fragranced chemicals that we use for odour elimination.

Valeting the door panels
Valeting the door panels.



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