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Flood damaged car filled with silt.
Flood damaged car filled with silt.

The water level was far above the level of the base of the seats, but luckily below the level of most of the electrics. Water can play havoc with car electrics, but often it is still cheaper to replace electrical modules and have the car properly cleaned than to buy a new car. So even with the crash damage on this car, it isn't a write-off.

We checked out the car and found that the driver's side electric window wasn't working, but by the time we finished the car, the component had dried out and was working again. So for the insurance company, they only needed for the minor crash damage to be repaired, and all the silt to be removed and the car dried so they could return a pristine car back to the customer.

Centre consul covered in silt. Water still in the cup holders.
Centre consul covered in silt. Water still in the cup holders.

However, removing the silt is no easy task! To properly treat this car we need to take it apart piece-by-piece, clean it, disinfect it, and put it back together.

Flooded footwell
Flooded footwell

Everything in the car had become sodden, including maps and papers which had floated around and disintegrated.

Silt on door shuts.
Silt on door shuts.

This above shows the silt on the door shuts. This amount of silt is also on the carpets and seats, to avoid any problems in the future with odours, this will all have to be washed out.


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