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Flood Damaged Car Restoration

DannyDanny Argent ~ 22/09/05
Flooded car arrives by transporter
Flooded car arrives by transporter.

We received a Ford Focus from an insurance company. We have seen quite a few flood damaged cars and we have become quite expert in dealing with water damage -- in fact in the same week we treated a taxi that had stalled while crossing a deep ford. This Ford Focus had been caught out by a burst water main which meant that the water involved was fairly clean - last year, Gary's car was flooded when heavy rain made the drains back-up - this water wasn't quite as clean as it contained sewage! In such cases we wear protective clothing. We have developed a process that can deal with virtually any level of contamination and we use the same technique on all flooded cars. Luckily, that was not the case with this vehicle.

We arranged for the car to be collected on a transporter - although the water hadn't caused much mechanical or electrical damage and the car was drivable, the seats were soaked and there was flood water sloshing around in the foot wells. The car had been sitting for a while and it also begun to smell. We can arrange transporters from anywhere in the country (or Europe) at very reasonable rates and in this case it was considered to be the best option.

Crash damage caused by the flood.
Crash damaged caused by the flood.

While the car was floating down the flooded road, it had sustained some minor crash damage (shown in photo above) and this problem was to be dealt with by a body shop after we had cleaned up the interior, so other than a wash to clean up the silt, there was no need for us to do anything with the exterior, the body shop would prefer to do this themselves.

Water level of the flood.
Water level of the flood.

The photo (right) shows the 'tide marks' which are well above the level of the bottom doors and boot. The interior was filled with water, and although this water was clean when it left the water main, it had picked up plenty of mud and clay which made up a silt that coated everything.


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