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DannyDanny Argent ~ 17/11/04


Replacing the interior.

Once the interior had been fully valeted, it was time to put the car back together. Everything behind the front seats was new as it had actually been on fire and was badly burnt. almost everything above the tops of the windows also had to be replaced as the pale grey plastic was stained by the tar and impossible to clean completely.

Replacing the interior

However, we were able to salvage all four seats including headrests, the door panels, the carpets, and most importantly, all the dashboard which would be very expensive to replace. Much of the shiny plastic-wear was tarnished including the clear screen infront of the dials but we were able to polish this using Hindsight plastic window restorer.

The pollen filter needed to be replaced as this had done it's job and collected a large amount of soot... it stank! But this was the only part of the dash we needed to replace.

The Door panels had chrome door handles and these were badly corroded and tarnished, although it wasn't clear is this was as a result of the fire or from the foam used by the firebrigade. They were replaced regardless.

The seat of the fire.

The photo above shows the area of seat of the fire after the trim had been replaced.



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