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End-of-Lease Repairs

This video shows how we can save you money when returning a lease car.

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Video Transcript

In this video we will show you what we can do for companies who need to return their cars to the lease company. We have already done an inspection on it and highlighted the areas that are outside fair-wear-and-tear. in the past they have just returned the cars to the lease company, and hoped for the best, and unfortunately the last few cars, theyve been charged quite a lot. The fleet manager or person who is running the accounts explained that it's been two thousand pounds here and two thousand pounds there, on various bits and peices that the lease company has charged for, and the problem he's got is that he's unable to verify from he's own source as to what's wrong with the car and what isn't. So he's just had to pay the bills.

So our inspection has been very good because he know knows whats wrong with the car and what we can do to put it right.

And it makes sense to bring the cars out of London to have them done bcause of course the further you go towards the centre of London, the more expensive the land costs are and the cost of labour and everything else goes up. so it makes sense to come out of London and we're not too far away from London.

We've brought it first of all to Kraftwork, although there are some smart repairs to be done on the car, Kraftwork are a local bodyshop that we have an arrangement with and they are going to show us what they can do.


Gary: So the bonnet is twisted at the back there Davide. So what do you think you can do on this front bit here, it's all twisted and out-of-line.

Davide: Well like you say the majority of places or lease company would replace the bonnet but we are confident we can repair and save the bonnet. First of all, if you open the bonnet...

Gary: So some companies would replace the bonnet, but you're comfortable you can do it. Just to let our viewers know that the Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines say that there must be no signs of previous repair. So you're happy you're going to be able to do that?

Davide: Yes, yes we are, I think a lot of places it's easier for them to just to replace the bonnet and then it's 'that charge' and then it's done, but we wouldn't, we would repair the bonnet if we are confident we can get it to a good enough standard for return. And also if you look at the front of the bonnet here you can actualy see how mis-shapen the bonnet is...

Gary: Okay, so it's not major but you can see there that it is slightly out there so where somebody's just nudged another car that their bumper was probably higher. And thats what it's done.

Davide: To replace the bonnet, repaint everything, blend it, you are talking in the region of £750+vat. But for us to repair and paint the bonnet... considering the amount of damage to the bonnet, you are looking in the region of £449+vat. so you are saving about two hundred and fifty-odd pound (Actually £300).

Gary: So thats on just the bonnet?

Davide: ...just the bonnet.

Gary: Right okay, the bumper I think you can do as well can't you? I think the bumper is going to need doing.

Davide: The bumper we can do, repair and repaint the bumper, er, we can do it on the car because of the shape of the bumper, it doesn't wrap right under the car, it only goes under about an inch. This will save them money because we don't need to take it off.

Gary: Okay.

Davide: Again, all this paint flaking, we can do this for you as well.

Gary: Okay so we can make a saving on that too.

Davide: It's had a nudge on the back part of the car.

Gary: Okay, so lets look at the back.

Davide: If you look accross here...

Gary: This is typical car park damage I'm assuming, this is not somebody whos had an accident is it?

Davide: I don't think it's had an accident but it's definitely been hit from the back or reversed into something. It's parking damage or hitting something in a car park.

Gary: So you got damage there by the back light as well... is that a bit of a hole? It is a bit of a hole isn't it.

Davide: He's either reversed or someones hit this, squashed the bumper back, and it's popped back to it's shape leaving a ridge accross the top which the boot is currently hitting, you can see see the marks.

Gary: Yeah, so the boot's been scraping it. So what we're going t suggest is... your'e going to take the bumper off and repair it do you?

Davide: We can repair this bumper, we would take it off, strip it right down, Repair this bumpers, paint it...

Gary: What kind of cost would that be?

Davide: To take the bumper off, staighten the bumper, repair and paint it would be £249+vat.

Gary: Okay.

Davide: We can get a bumper brand new from Ford, and they come painted. Again we found out the price and they are £384 I believe. Thats another one hundred and thirty odd pound saving.

Gary: [...] so the bonnet on the car is a couple of hundred saving, and rear bumper is another couple of hundred pound saving?

Davide: Yeah, roughly, a hundred and fify I think it is.


Gary: There's a dent on the tail-gate here which is a little bit awkward because it's split the paint. So we're going to make up our mind what we're going to do with this, I suspect it's going to need repairing.


Gary: There's another thing in here that could be quite a big charge, we're used to seeing these bills, I actually spoke to a lease company a little while ago asking them asking them what they would charge for a hole in a carpet and they were actually writing an invoice out for over four hundred pounds, four hundred and sixty odd pounds for a hole in the carpet. This one, looks like maybe a lady's high heels or something, usually cause these. But they are the sort of thing you wouldn't notice until you do a proper insppection. We put the tape there just to show you, I don't know if you can see that very well everybody but it's got a hole there. That can be repaired and we can make a proper permanent job of that. So thats another place we can save money.

Gary: Usually the charge for a hole in a carpet like this is somewhere around £500 because they have to replace it it's a bit more than that for top-end cars. And the cost for us to do an acceptable proper smart repair is between £60 and £80.

Gary: So first of all it's being glued, but it's being glued with a glue gun and thats a strong fix.

Gary: So what are we saying Geoff? This has not been caused byhigh-heels or anything, it's been caused by somebody who may have worked on the car you're thinking?

Geoff: Yeah, there's actually an access hole there, at the top which has got to be left.

Gary: Oh, I see.

Geoff: Somebody's gone in and caught it when they've come out.

Gary: What they might have had a spanner in there or something to remove the seat, a socket or something. And then what' they've done, when they've removed the seat, as they've pulled it out they've ripped it. Is that what you're thinking?

Geoff: That's what it looks like. It's more of a teat than a cut.


Gary: So are you in a position to calculate what the overall saving was on just the bodywork now? The respray work done by yourselves?

Davide: Just the bodywork, yeah, you're looking at £301 roughly for the bonnet, £105.25 for the rear, £24.94 for a foglamp, £24.94 for another foglamp and £35 for the removal of the front bumper, Your actual saving is £521. So you've save just over £500.

Gary: And we've resprayed the tailgat as well, there was some damage on that. But the actual cost against what the lease company would charge, we're not able to make a clear comparesen. But it was only £149 wasn't it to respray?

Davide: £149 to remove it, strip it, repair it.

Gary: So there is going to be a saving in there, but we're not sure what the saving's going to be there exacty but the company would rather get it done in this instance because the chances are is that it's going to come out a lot more money than that.

Davide: Yeah, it would be by the time you work it out.

Gary: Your obviously spraying the rest of the car so it's going to work out a bit cheaper anyway I'm assuming?

Davide: Yeah, it makes sense to do it at the same time, you're painting by that area, you're going to do a better job. There's no point sending it back with the dent damage there. It would really cost, and with the size of the tailgate it would cost you a lot more money.


Gary: Right, So this dent is particuarly sharp and quite a nasty dent really. It's a normal dent thats done by paintless dent removal, it's not an ordinary car dor jusr dinking against the door, it's a little bit more nasty than that so most inspectors would chose the 'respray the panel' (Repair and Repaint) so in other words, you'd be chaged on a recharge for respraying the panel. So what we're suggesting in this isntance is that we try to remove it and if it doesn't come out then we won't charge. If it does, then great we've got it out and then we've made a big saving.

Gary: So the good news is that we've manage to do it, it's come up really well. I'll just show you there, you can't see, I can't really show you where it is because it's gone. The charge for that would be £80, because it's slightly larger than and ordinary dent and a little bit more tricky. But a panel price (Recharge for repair and repaint) would be somewhere between £220 and £28, that's what you'd expect to pay from most lease companies anyway. So that's another big saving.

Gary: Now the front looks like new, there's no chips and the bonnet is now straight. What we have suggested is that the lease company might accept the fact that there are a few little scuffs on the wheels. If you look at this front wheel here, it's not that bad but it has got scuffs on it which are above the fair wear and tear standard. In otherwords, the lease company could charge but the fact that they are getting the car back with all the front done,new lights and so on, they may be a little more lenient when the cars so nice. The cost of repairing the wheels would be the same anyway, theres not a lot of difference between the refurb cost and the recharge. In most instances unless the lease company is going to charge for new wheels... we have heard that, that some ask for new wheel charges, but you can find out from your lease company. Usually they'll be £60-£70 per wheel and thats what we charge to refurb them. In this instance we have recommended that the car is lovely with just a few scratches on the wheels. I think the lease company will realize that and know it's over standard and the car is in very good condition now -- but if ther're not, ther're not, there's no saving to be made anyway.

GaryGary Wray ~ 26/10/10


In this video we show how a combination of our expertise, Small Area Respray/Smart Repair and body shop repair can save hundreds of pounds over the cost of dealership repair prices or the lease company's re-charges.

Customer Testimony

"We used New Again to carry out work on six of our company cars before being returned to the lease company. In the past we have always incurred additional costs from the leasing company after work was carried out by other repairers."

"New Again provided a thorough report on the work required to meet the leasing company standards and highlighted any work not cost effective for them to complete."

"The only charges we incurred from the lease company was a cost on one vehicle for something New Again highlighted as not being cost effective to repair."

"We were very pleased with the service offered and would certainly use them again."

David Stanlick
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De-Fleet Services

Our End-of-Lease Services provide quality repair for excessive wear and tear, and is acceptable and appropriate for Contract Hire, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Private Lease, Contract Purchase and Lease Purchase. Fleet managers wishing to efficiently prepare off-lease vehicles can contact us or send their drivers directly to our Q&A. Our advisors are trianed by Manheim to work to the BVRLA guidelines.


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