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Odour Kill

Removing the odour of tobacco... and other herbs.

Apologies for the poor quality of this video. Our video camera was out on loan and this film was taken using our normal stills camera, this is the reason for the poor quality, and not as some people have suggested, because the cameraman had been trying out the happy-herb found in the car.

The customer had bought this car and then noticed the cigarette smoke smell and so brought the car to us to remove it. We did our three stage Odour Removal service on it and the customer went away happy. We called the customer after a week as we always do and they said they could still smell the smoke. So we got the customer back so we could make a second attempt.

To remove odour, you need to remove the source of the smell. This can make cigarette odour removal very difficult as tar and ash can get in all sorts of hard to reach places. The only sure-fire way of dealing with it first time would be to dismantle the interior of the car and clean it all in detail. Of course this would make the cost of the service absurdly high. And it's overkill because we can get rid of these odours in 95% of cars without going to the nth degree. So instead we carry out our normal odour removal system for cigarette smoke and then call you after a week. If you still have the problem, only then do we invite you back so that we can start taking the interior apart.

With any kind of odour kill treatment, there is a risk that we don't get our products on target on the first attempt and if this is the case, we will ask you back and have another go. Or if you are some distance away, we may send you products that you can apply yourself. Usually this is all part of the service and any additional work or product are free of charge, but with cigarette odours and some spillages it's slightly different because any failure of the first attempt will almost certainly require dismantling parts of the interior on the second attempt, and for this we charge an hourly rate. If it turns out that the problem is caused by Wacky Tobacky, then there may be an extra charge for this as we need to use special chemicals to remove the residue produced by Cannabis.

In this particular case, when we started taking things apart, what we found was lots of tobacco leaf mixed with a strange green leaf with a pungent odour. It's rather worrying really, that the previous owner of this vehicle thought they were capable of driving under the influence, when in fact they were so stoned that they couldn't roll a joint without spilling all over the place.




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