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DannyDanny Argent ~ 25/7/06

We removed the stage two and took the car outside to inspect our work.

Honda CRX treated with Diamondbrite.
CRX Rear view.


Stage 1 Diamondbrite
After a machine polish and a new coat of Diamondbrite the paintwork looks brighter, glossier and deeper.


Note the mirror-like reflection on the bonnet. Compared to the photo on page 2, machine polishing gives better depth. The was done with only a single pass of the random orbital.

We spoke to Peter Lansdell who has been a motor trader since 1969. He told us that normally a CRX of this age would be worth around £1000 (we checked the cars for sale on AutoTrader and found he was spot on!), but a car in this condition could be worth £2000-£3000.

This car is his pride and joy, and I can't imagine he would sell it, but if he did he will have made is money back on the sealant 2-3 times over, not to mention 15 years on low maintenance car care. Over fifteen and a half years, this car has been easy to wash, and it's never been waxed or polished. We estimate that Mr Hurlstone has saved himself up to 800 hours, which may be why he has had his other 5 cars done!

Get Diamondbrite Now

Mr Hurlstone seemed happy, and so he should be, he's car is now good for another 15 years.
*Take note of the scruffy old caravan in the background - I'm sure it will be featured in an articles soon! (I hope)

positive feedback for valeting for export. "Another excellent job, the car looked good before despite 15.5 years since the last time it was treated with Diamondbrite and no polish since.

Re-treating the car had removed the inevitable minor marks that 15.5 years and 80,000 miles had created leaving a as new mirror finish.

Removing the annoyong dents on the bonnet (which have been there isnce 1994!) have definitely improved the car. If any any suicidal phesants throw themselves at the car again I know where to come.

Thank you for an excellent reseal which is well worth the near 400 mile round trip. "

See more testimones here.


Honda CRX

Jeremy Hurlstone - Shrewsbury - 22/07/06





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