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DannyDanny Argent ~ 25/7/06

Re-application of Diamondbrite - preparation
We took the car back into the workshop and gave it another soaking because water is a good lubricant for the claybar which is the first stage... it's at this point that I took the opportunity to take a snap of the water beading on the roof.

Water beading on the roof
Water beading on the glossy paintwork.

Despite the Diamondbrite, the car still attracted some industrial fallout. As already mentioned, there was no trace of a rust blister on the car, so obviously the Diamondbrite had done a very good job of protecting the paint.

Fallout is almost anything that can fall from the sky and and stick to your car. Most often this is tiny particles of metal which are the product of machinery and manufacturing, and most commonly railway trains.

using a claybar on the bonnet to remove industrial fallout, raildust and tree sap.
Gary uses a Claybar to remove fallout .

These metal particles have a magnetic charge and are attracted to your car where they rust. As they rust they dissolve the paintwork, eventually burrowing right through to the metal body panels which will in turn begin to rust, this is why sometimes you see rust blisters in them middle of panels for no apparent reason. The metal particles are so small you can barely see them. There is a complete article on fallout here.

Using the claybar before Diamondbrite application is essential, otherwise we seal in all this crud.

clay bar
The natural colour of this piece of clay is a neutral pale grey. You can clearly see the muck that it has picked up from the bonnet of the CRV. Around the edges you can see a greeny brown ring. This is a mixture of rust and organic material, probably tree sap. The blue steaks are from where the claybar has picked up the raised edges of softer touch-up paint.

Once the paintwork was cleaned with the claybar and all fallout remove, Gary went over the car with a random orbital polisher and a light compound (reducing polish). This should be enough to remove most of the micro scratches and give the paintwork an even higher gloss finish.

Machine Polishing the car with a random orbital polisher
Gary polishes the car with a twin head random orbital.

The next stage was to apply the Diamondbrite Stage 1 which further chemically cleans the paintwork.

Re-application of Diamondbrite
Application of Diamondbrite is crucial, as it is a sealant, it is important to actually seal the car so that it is protected -- there is no point in missing bits! By the same token, there is no point is sealing in contaminants like fallout which is why we claybar the car.

Diamondbrite does far more than make you car look shiny, it protects so we must treat every part of the exterior paintwork.

Diamondbrite needs to be applied to every part of the exterior paintwork.
Mark treat the underside of the spoiler .


Stage 1 Diamondbrite
Coating the edges of the shuts with stage 1 - we coat every area which is exposed to the elements.

When the stage one is applied and left until it dries to a haze, we then applied stage 2 which is left to cure for 40 mins.

(For those of you reading this because you have bought a cheap kit from ebay and are trying to findout how to do it, this is the point where things will start to go wrong! Jewelultra recently purchased a load of kits from ebay and analyzed them... they found that almost all were heavily watered down or a different product altogether, i.e. Turtlewax! This is why they are introducing tamperproof packaging. Diamondbrite is a very distinctive product with a distingtive smell and texture, the hazing off is unique because it has to be very different to the second stage. If you are not seeing this, you have been ripped off, so go back to ebay and give the guy negative feedback! Diamondbrite is not a retail product and should only be applied by trained professionals).

Diamondbrite dries to a haze.
The stage 1 dried to a haze - notice that the spoiler isn't completely cured yet. It's rubbed on and rubbed in, making sure that not a single millimeter is missed.

The only reason that the Diamondbrite has lasted as long as it has is that it was applied properly in the first place, so obviously the person who applied this originally deserves the credit. Fifteen years ago Mr Hurlstone had an S reg Honda Civic on loan to him while he was waiting to take delivery of his car, he noticed that despite being old, the car was still glossy and had a Diamondbrite sticker in the window and asked where he could get it done. The person who's name on the paperwork is Andy Woodfield.

If you are reading this Andy, well done! And please get in touch with us and let us know what you are doing now!

The CRX 15 years ago.
Just for fun, here's a 15 year old photo taken not long after the car was treated the first time.


"I sought out the Diamondbrite because Wergs Honda, the dealer I bought the car from, leant me a 1982 X reg. Honda Accord whilst I waited for my new CRX to arrive as part of the trade in with my old CRX. Although it was a little rusty around the wheel arches*, the rest of the bodywork of the Accord appeared to have a deep shine, almost like it had been plastic coated. In the rear window was a Diamondbrite sticker. Following a bit of research on the product, I was struggling to find somebody to do the Diamonbrite when I met Andy Woodfield at a stand in Telford, who was exhibiting a new white Porsche 928. Andy, through his company Auto Car Services offered Diamonbrite treatment amongst other things like a pager for the alarm system, which he also fitted to my CRX.

We originally agreed to Diamondbrite the car at my parents’ house in one of the outbuildings, but when he came to do it the air was cold and damp, and he was concerned it would trap moisture and cause ‘bloom’ within the glaze. We rang Wergs, told them what we were doing and they kindly let us drive to their workshops, wash the car and finish the job there. Andy continued to supply conserver to me until he left the area. However, based on how good the Diamondbrite was on my CRX, we also had my Girlfriend’s Black Suzuki Swift GTI done by Andy in 1994, which also looked excellent when clean.

Whilst the CRX had not been polished or treated since, with the exception of using the conserver as a wash wax in a bucket of water (15.5 years!) the car still looked good and the water still beaded when it was washed. I have also treated 6 other vehicles I have owned since with Diamondbrite and have no hesitation in recommend it to anybody.

Kind regards


*Wow! Now there's a trip down memory lane. I remember back in the days when Japanese cars were famous for rusting. You didn't think I was that old did you? I believe it was caused by using low quality and recycled steel. Often they rusted from the inside out, how times have changed! I don't remember the last time I heards somebody complain about 'Japanese rubbish' - Danny


Jeremy Hurlstone - 24/07/06



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