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Dent Removal - BMW

A large difficult dent, we couldn't get it perfect, but made a large improvement.

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BMW 3 series in today. It's having this rather, orange sized dent to the from wing removed, hopefully, and that will save having to spray the panel... if we can get the dent out.


I think we've achieved 80% improvement on this dent that was on the front wing. Obviously the customer gets a thirty day money back guarantee, so if he feels he wants to upgrade to the next best thing which is a midi-repair, which would mean spraying the front wing and then blending into the door most likely. He gets a whole thirty days to decide if he wants to upgrade to that, and then we'll refund the money back that he's spent with us, or if he uses Kraftwork who we recommend, Kraftwork will take the money off of the bill.

So it's a big saving if the customer is happy with the result, because it means he hasn't got to paint the front corner of the car.



The customer was selling this car and wanted to get it looking tidy. This was a large dent in a rather difficult place and is often the case with this kind of dent, we don't know how well it can be improved until we try, although we were confident that we could make a very large improvement.

The end results weren't 100% perfect, there was a little distortion on the lower edge of where the dent had been, this is because the metal had been stretched [more]. We did however, make a very large improvement, so-much-so that you'd have to be looking for it to be able to find it.

Some dents can be removed with paintless dent removal, others need a midi-repair. It's always worth asking us if we can remove your dents through Ask the Experts.
Send us a photo and we will tell you the best way to fix it.


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