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Convertible Roof Cleaning

We restore and reproof a black hood on an Renault Megane.

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We've got a Renaalult Megane in today, it's having a hood reproof. It's actually quite a bad one there's a lot of lichen on there. The aim is to save the hood otherwise it will have to be replaced if we can't. Once it's done, if the hood is looked after it will last up to three years.

Thats the hood all done, really good result, obviously saves the lady having to replace the hood, which is quite costly. We haven't recoloured this either, I think we cought it just in time. It was getting to the stage, it was borderline if we were going to be able to revive it. We got it to a really good standard again, if looked after well it will last up to three years before needing another clean and reproof, it looks great, a really good result.

Restoration is better than Replacement

This hood is very dirty with moss and lichen growing on it. At this point many people start looking to buy a replacement roof, but with a bit of work these hoods can be cleaned and restored.

If you have any questions not answered by our website, it's always worth uploading a photo of your hood and asking us what our options are through Ask the Experts.
Send us a photo and we will tell you the best way to fix it.


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