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Cigarette Burn Repair

A burn repair in the headlining.

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This is a lease car. The Girlfriend has accidentally put a cigarette into the headlining, which has made a nice little hole. You can see there is a patten in the headlining, so we're not going to get this perfect obviously, but it will take your eye off the burn.


That's the cigarette burn done. As you can see it's not 100%, but it takes your eye off the burn. The only other option is to replace the headlining which is a bit over the top.



Short fibres are mixed until they are they match the colour of the upholstery, then glue is inserted into the hole and the fibres are sprinkled on. This method of repair has limitations, it is seldom invisible and rather delicate as any wear can cause the fibres to rub off leaving just the glue exposed.

We won't use this technique on the face of seats but it is fine to use on backs and bases of seats, headrests and even door cards. This burn was on the headlining, the padded area on the inside of the roof, so it was unlikely to wear off making this an ideal area for repair.

The technique dates back many years when flock was far more common as an upholstery fabric. Whether plain or patterned this kind of fabric lends it's self well of this kind of repair, the materials that are now in vogue tend to be textured or heavy weave which gives less chance of an invisible repair. The technique can still be useful but the majority of cigarette burns on seats are best dealt with by a coach trimmer.


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