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Carpet Repair

See how Geoff repairs a ripped carpet by replacing the carpet fibres.

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Right here's a little bit of an unusual one, it's hole in the carpet, it came from Ask the Experts -- the gentleman put the question on our website. But it's on the passenger side! So it's a little bit unusual.


Gettin there now, just putting the fibres in.

That looks great, half of it's completely disapeared at the moment. So we'll have to show you what it looks like with the other half gone.


How strong is that when it's done Geoff? Is that as good as the origional carpet?

It's pretty good. If it was under the pedals we wouldn't do it, because it's a very high wear area under the pedals.

So this is an area that's not the highest of wear areas, so it's sensible to do a repair here. I don't know quite how this repair has happened, it could be somebody has scraped it with a toolbox or something like that.

So this is an area that's not high level of wear, but if you are talking about under the foot pedals where somebody's heel is going to be, then of course when the repair is done somebody is going to be putting their heel straight on it. So we usually recomend for a car trimmer to put a section of carpet in and they can stitch a square section in a little bit like a mat. Is that they way the do it?


So you've actually got a proper square patch.


So it's all done now and to be honset with you, you just can't see that. That's really come up very, very well. Some do have a tiny bit of visibility, but you couldn't find that if you were looking for it.


Geoff takes a mix of fibres which match the colour of the original carpet and glues then into the hole. It's a simple and elegant solution to the problem of ripped and burnt carpets, it's also fairly hardwaring and virtually invisible. If the carpet has a pattern texture this is not possible to replicate but otherwise it can be very difficult to tell where there has been a repair. The colour match is usually very good, and this technique works especially well on dark colour carpets.

It's very common for us to carry out repairs like this on rips, holes and burns on all areas of car carpets. For worn carpets under the driver's feet, we recommend that a Car Trimmer puts in a carpet set -- This is essentially a set of mats which are made to look like they belong to the car and which are sewn into place. The only other alternative is to replace the entire carpet. The part it's self can cost in the region of £1000 and in most cases most of the interior needs to be stripped out to fit it. So in most cases a repair is preferable.


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