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Removing key scratches
with paintwork correction

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KieranKieran Bass ~ 17/04/10

Key Scratch Repair

Sadly, vandalism on cars is all to common, but if the scratches are not too deep it is often the case that they can be polished out as shown in this video. This car had scratches all down one side although the film only shows us working on the rear quarter. Although the results were not 100% perfect in this case, they were satisfactory when weighed against the alternative which would be to repaint the whole side of the car.

Please see our Scratch Repair & Removal Options. If the scratches are through the clear coat, which they often are, we cannot use this method to remove them, although cosmetic repair can be an economical alternative to a respray.

Some scratches and marks can be removed with wet-sanding or just machine polishing, others need a midi-repair. It's always worth asking uploading a photo and asking us what your options are through Ask the Experts.
Send us a photo and we will tell you the best way to fix it.


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