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Having settled on the wool pad and Ruby Mint Polish, I started on the bonnet and worked my way around the car counter-clockwise. I would normally start with the roof after checking that the combination works on the bonnet, but as the the car was a soft top it would not need doing.

Close upp paint inspection.

It is important to keep checking your progress and finish regularly, some people prefer a x30 magnifier for this, but older folk with pebble glasses can manage without. The wool mop removed the cob webs and washing marks but of course, because it does cut, it leaves swirl marks of it's own. These are sometimes called buffing marks or holograms. These will have to be removed with a finer foam pad and polish.

Buffing a car using a wool mop

We had one slight problem - the backing plates that are designed for Europe and the US are a different thread size to those needed for the UK. So we were unable to use the correct backing plates instead using one designed for 6" (150mm) pads, this was made from a stiff rubber, but far too soft and flexible and not large enough to hold wool mops and foam pads in shape.

Close-up of wool pad and the wrong backing plate.

As you can see from the photo above, the backing plate does not fill the dish in the back of the buffing pad.



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