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Testing by buffing the bonnet
I always begin by buffing the bonnet (hood) as this is a large flat area which shows imperfections.. it is the one area that you need to get right, so should be the area you test on.

starting off with the blue poishing mop and Clear Coat Polish

The Allpad system contains 5 foam pads and two wool pads of different grades, which when combined with Allbrite's range of compounds, polishes and waxes gives you a great many options, and a combination that is right for every job:-

Cutting Pads
  • Wool and Terylene Pad - this is the heaviest cutting mop, the Terylene gives it lots of extra bite, but it is hardly ever used. It may get used on old cars where the paint has hardened with age.
  • Wool Pad - This is the standard pad for heavy cutting.
  • Red Foam Pad - for medium heavy cutting.
  • Orange Foam Pad - for medium cutting

Polishing Pads
  • Blue Foam Pad - soft cut polishing pad.
  • Green Foam Pad - soft polishing.
  • Black Foam Pad - finishing pad.


  • EHD Extra Heavy Duty - this is a very coarse physical compound. The abrasive particles (these are sometimes called a 'nano particles') reduce very quickly and if used for long enough will become very fine. When you first start they are a coarse grit that feels like sand.
  • MD - Medium use physical compound.
  • Ruby Mint - this is the first of the 'chemical compounds'. It uses no abrasives but instead uses natural oils which hold heat and help the buffing pads to do the work of cutting. Ruby Mint is the general purpose polish suitable for most jobs.

  • CCP Clear Coat Polish - a mainly chemical polish containing very light abrasives. Works very well on Clear Coat.
  • 1012 - a heavy chemical polish. No abrasives.
  • 1020 - a medium chemical polish for high speed finishing and swirl removal.

Allpads range of foam pads

You should always start with the softest option and then change for tougher buffing pads, tougher compounds and higher speed to suit the paintwork. So I started off with CCP (Clear Coat Polish) and the Blue Polishing Pad before going in with the cutting gear. I started off with a polish because there were few deep scratches, just swirl marks so it is possible that this would have been enough.

I tried various combinations and eventually settled on the wool pad and Ruby Mint as the paint was fairly hard and I needed cut to get past the swirl marks. Ruby Mint is a chemical polish which contains no abrasives, it works by helping with the friction and holding the heat so that the wool pad does all the cutting. This was enough on this car to remove the scratches.

trying the Orange buffing pad on the bonnet



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