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Second inspection
With the car washed, clayed and clean, I was able to carry out a further inspection of the paintwork, and Danny could get on with some photos.

scratched paintwork in clear-coat

There were several scratches down the sides, these were not too deep and usually caused by brushing against bushes when driving down narrow country lanes, they are broad and shallow and not as bad as they look.

Deep scratch

There were also some deep scratches, one near the door and a couple near the petrol filler cap. These may not buff out completely as they are almost through the clear coat, but there is little doubt that I can greatly improve the look of them. If you look at the top-left of the photo above, you can also see how the paintwork has become dull through oxidization.

swirl marks

The spider webs were not too bad, it's what you would expect to find on any normal car, but if our customer wanted a normal car, he probably wouldn't have bought a Porsche. Prestige cars should look their best.

It's also important at this stage to inspect for re-spayed paint work. This will usually be softer and need more delicate treatment than the rest of the car.



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