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'Don't worry, It'll polish out'

Buffing out a scratch

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GaryGary Wray ~ 28/04/10

Minor Scratch Repair

It seems that in the USA the expression, "That'll polish out" has become a bit if a humorous cliche (used as an understatement), I heard i just the other day on the Simpsons. In the US they have a culture where they have their cars 'detailed' so lots of people are aware that their regular detail-guy will be able to remove scratches for them.

Not all scratches can be removed, it depends on how deep they are, but when they can be done, the service is superb value for money. The scratch on this car would significantly reduce the resale value, cost in end-of-lease recharges or for bodyshop repair would run into hundreds of pounds. Our prices for polishing out a scratch are just a fraction of this -- current prices can be found on our scratch repair page. And we offer a money back guarantee, If we can't do it, you don't pay, so you have nothing to lose from trying us before going down the route of car body repairs.

Some scratches and marks can be removed with wet-sanding or just machine polishing, others need a midi-repair. It's always worth uploading a photo and asking us what our options are through Ask the Experts.
Send us a photo and we will tell you the best way to fix it.


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