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The Booking and Pick up Procedure

So You Want to Book Your Car In?

All bookings and enquiries can be dealt with by calling 01245 350035, our staff are trained in all aspects of specialist car care and will be able to help you book the correct service for your vehicle, giving you a quote for each option available. Most of our services require us to take a booking deposit over the phone from you*.

When you have booked an appointment, please make a note of the time and date you are due at Clean Image, if you found us via the internet, you may want to print out a map on our contacts page.

Upon Arrival at the New Again Centre…

One of our trained staff will appraise your vehicle with you and advise which services would best suit your needs (please allow 10-20 mins for this). You can decide how much or how little you want to spend, the decision is entirely up to you. You will be provided with full details of the cost of the works to be carried out together with an estimation of when your vehicle will be ready to be collected, this will be on your copy of the appraisal form, together with our terms and conditions which you will sign.

While your car is being done, you may wish to go into town for some shopping, otherwise there are plenty of other things to do in Chelmsford. You may even want to take our courtesy car.

Valeting & Smart Repair

The valet of your vehicle will normally be carried out by the member of staff that appraised your vehicle. On some occasions where vehicles have multiple projects running then other members of the team will assist. If you have asked us to touch up any stone chips or dents, we will contact you after after we have washed your cars so that we can make a proper assesment, but before beginning the procedure to advise you of the cost, and ask your permission to proceed with the work. The cost of any additional services will then be sub totalled onto your invoice.

Collecting Your Vehicle

When your vehicle is finished, you will be given a detailed verbal report of the works carried out together with recommendations on how to prolong your vehicle in it’s current ‘clean’ state.

How to Pay

You will be issued with your invoice, detailing the work carried out. We accept all major credit/debit cards, cheques supported by a valid cheque guarantee card (sorry, no company cheques without cards) and cash. You will also be given a ‘Testimony Sheet’, for inclusion on our web site, which any comments or suggestions are gratefully received.

Ladies Read This…

It is well known that the female gender hate walking into male dominated work places alone, especially when it’s anything to do with cars. I, the writer of this article am myself a female and I particularly worry that because I am not perhaps up to speed on such car matters that the ‘men’ in the shop/garage will be aware of this and try to fob me off with all sorts of reasons as to why I need this done and that done…

I can categorically state and from a women’s point of view that all of the staff at Clean Image conduct themselves professionally and act in a gentleman like manner with the ‘ladies’ and do not try to fob anybody off with anything.

I hope these two paragraphs help some ladies out there that like me, chauffeur around children who don’t seem to understand the sentences ‘don’t eat in the car I’ve just hoovered it’ and ‘don’t put your fingers on the paint work I’ve just washed it’! With this advanced car care centre just a car ride away you no longer need to worry about cleaning up the kids mess, when Clean Image can do it for you!

Call Now to book in! 01245 350035

Written by, Mrs Samantha Barnett - SMB Business Solutions


*We will require a booking deposit on some services for us to guarantee the start time for work on your car. If you do not wish to pay a deposit by phone then you can book your car with us and we will start work at the earliest oppotunity - but please call us to see how busy we are.


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