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6 Reasons why Lease Companies should be recommending us to their customers

Besides the benefits to their driver, there can be huge benefits to a lease company in sending drivers to Clean Image or another company which runs a similar lease return service, especially when it comes to 'problem' cars.

Rather than managing queries over the phone and trying to give advice and ascertain if damage is acceptable or not, you just direct them to us and recommend that they have an inspection done.

Your cars will generally come back clean and in a much better condition, meaning they will have a higher resale value at auction and sell first time around.

It is quicker and easier to inspect a car which is clean and free from damage. This reduces your team's inspection times, freeing them up to dedicate more time to the vehicles that really need it.


Many companies are finding it difficult to collect money from drivers that have now left the company. Using our service eliminates this problem because the car is reconditioned and ready for resale or reissue before it is returned. If drivers are sent to us, there is no need for thier fleet manager or the lease company to chase them for money. Most drivers are happy to come to us because we make them a clear savings and they can see the actual damage that they are responsible for, not a picture with a bill attached a month down the line when they are probably working somewhere else.

Going through our process educates the drivers and makes them aware of their responsibilities, thereby cutting down on misunderstandings and disagreements when the car is returned and they receive a bill for charges. Our service allows them to avoid the charges by repairing the damage, and even if they are charged, they will be fully aware of what for and why.

We inform drivers about how they incurred damage and offer advice on how to avoid it next time, helping them to choose more suitable vehicles next time and care for them better.

When returns from your fleet customers go smoothly, they will be more willing to continue their relationship with you.

This page was last updated on Fri, 8 April, 2011