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DannyDanny Argent ~ 8/9/05
The dent before

The above photo shows the dent before removal, the photo below show the dent after.

the dent after removal

If you look closely you can still see a bit of a ripple in the reflected line of the brickwork- it was always going to be a tough one because it was on the swage line but Mike was able to greatly reduce it. It's hardly noticeable at all when standing near it looking down - you have to crouch down and look along the panel line to really see it (as per photo).

reflective and glossy paintwork after buffing and polishing.

It was while taking these photos that I noticed how shiny and glossy the car was. The photo above shows my reflection in the passenger door panel (and there is a Hell's Angel in the background too).
Would you believe that at this stage we have not yet applied any wax... none at all, not a drop. This deep reflective shine is purely a result of polishing the paintwork smooth. This is the real secret of getting a good finish on a car... as the saying goes, 'you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear', if the paintwork is bad, even the best wax in the world won't make it look good, and may even make it look worse. A wax will only enhance what is already there.


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