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DannyDanny Argent ~ 8/9/05

The paintwork on Audis is usually harder than most other cars, yet the paintwork on this car was exceptionally soft. The owner told us that he was so fussy that he never let anybody touch his car and had always washed it himself - so it's current state was probably dues to the softness of the paint... although the concrete removal wouldn't have been much of an enhancement.

using a random orbital polisher

Willy set about testing various combinations of pad and polish on the car. In case you are wondering what he has on his head, it's a cunningly devised radio control system to make him work harder - they don't have pubs in Sweden, so unless you can keep an eye on him, he tends to go wandering off in search of English Bitter. The electric shock administered may seem cruel but I can assure that it is quite humane and for his own good. He is quite used to it now, he complained at first, but we told him they were viking ear-muffs and he was cool after that.

Its important not to use pads and polish that are too harsh, so Willy starts off with a combination which is fine and work up from there.

close inspection of the paint

Willy inspects the paint until he finds a combination that works the way he likes it and then he can begin the buffing.

Using a rotary buffer



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