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Audi Convertible Hood Clean

A cabriolet hood that was very dirty and leaking.

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Video Transcript

Arron Okay we have an Audi TT here with a very dirty hood, the customer says it's been sitting around for three weeks under a tree on the driveway, so you can just see it's absolutely filthy. It's probably at the point where if it went any further it could need a new hood. The water has actually soaked in so much that the customer has said that the headlining inside is all wet. So I'll have a little feel up there now... I can't feel it there, but he was saying that there was icicles hanging off it the other day. It is November by the way.

Arron You can even look at the paintwork, you can see all the mud and things in the gaps, it's all slimy! So yeah, obviously if this were left a bit longer a new hood, which would be a massive expense, or you'd leave it, you'd clean it up to a point and you'd have a load of water in the car which would devalue the car. So that would make more work for someone. So we'll clean it up today and we'll put the protection on it, and then hopefully they can get on with the sale.


Gary It's coming up alright is it?

Arron Yeah it's coming up fine, it's very, very dirty as you can see all the green, but yeah it's coming up fantastic.


Gary This lady went to Audi to get a price because she thought she needed a new roof. The cost of a new roof from Audi was £1100, plus £1300 to fit it. [Total £2400 ~ Ed] So that's when she had a little look around to find out whether there was a good alternative.


Gary Right, so how are we doing Arron?

Arron We're doing good. The hood's now dry from the cleaning... I'm just applying the Ultraproofer from Renovo...

Gary Right, so what does that do?

Arron I can read the bottle if you like?

Gary Yeah, read the bottle, go for it.

Arron Helps prevent the harmful penetration of road grime, salt, leaf gum and bird dirt deep into the fibres of the soft-top material, so it basically puts a protective layer on and keeps it looking nice.

Gary So how long do you expect to get out of this roof now, now many more years do you think?

Arron If you keep on top of it it could go for another five (plus) years.

Gary Possibly even the life of the car?

Arron Yes.

[Most people keep their cars from three to five years. ~ Ed]


Arron Right, okay, there's all the roof done. It looks fantastic. You can see there that we've got rid of all that green. Just look in the gutters there, it's all gone out of there, and there and around the back window. As you can see it hasn't lost the colour at all from when it was dirty [We didn't recolour this hood as it didn't need it ~ Ed]. You've obviously got the folding lines which are the ones that run across, just from the framework underneath [these areas get more wear and so are usually the first to fade ~ Ed]. But it's given it a new lease of life, it's got the UltraProofer on as well, you know, so I think that's a hood saved in my opinion. The woman is selling the car, the wheels need a bit of attention, but they look nice and shiny and clean.

Arron We've done a Small Area Respray in this section here, it had had a previous smart repair but it had been caught again unfortunately. But apart from that it looks fantastic.

Saving an Audi hood

This hood was actually leaking with water making it's way through, which was then freezing into icicles on the inside. When a hood is not properly waterproofed it absorbs moisture and become sopping wet, if it then freezes it can become brittle and prone to rips and tears. Therefore it's important to ensure your hood is protected before those frosty mornings arrive.

If you have any questions not answered by our website, it's always worth uploading a photo of your hood and asking us what our options are through Ask the Experts.
Send us a photo and we will tell you the best way to fix it.


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