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5 reasons why our services are a wise investment

DannyDanny Argent ~ 13/01/04

Refurbishment re-charges

Avoid those recharges for returning a car in less than perfect condition. The November 2003 issue of Fleet News reported that UK companies paid £90,000,000 in end of contract re-charges. Some of the high charge lease companies charge an average of up to £610 per car for excess wear and tear.

Clean Image can check your cars before they go back to the lease company using the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide, which is the system used by all reputable car leasing companies. With our 'Smart Repair' system, we can make good on scuffs, stone chips, dents, windscreen chips, upholstery tears, etc. at a fraction of the cost of either expensive body shop repairs or lease return refurbishment recharges.

Driver Exchange

If a new driver is starting with the company and his/her package includes a car… and that car was previously used by another employee, and you would like it looking like new, look no further. Bring it to Clean Image and we promise we will surprise. We really can make an old car look like new and we could even save you buying or leasing a new car.

A better return on your investment

It's when you are selling off your old cars or vans that without a doubt, our valet and smart repair services can really make you money. Clean Image has been valeting cars for the motor trade since 1985. We can easily increase the value of a vehicle by 20-40% and on an average condition car worth £5,500 raise the value to between £6,600 and £7,700, you would be amazed!

Valeting helps maintain a cars value

Instead of just bringing us your cars and vans when you are selling them, why not bring them to us to maintain from the very beginning? This means that you and your company get the benefit of well maintained vehicles while YOU own them. Having your vehicles valeted once a year really does work, just look at this graph:

car price devaluation graph for Ford Focus


Smart Repair

They don't call it smart repair for nothing! Insurance excess and premiums are going up every year and a lot of small accidents can be repaired without the need for a claim.

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