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Tree sap, bird mess and egg.

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Tree Sap

In many cases, tree sap can just wash off without any problem, but not always! Some tree-sap can be very stick and resistant to detergents and soaps, some other kinds go rock hard once they dry.

On some occasions it can be the shear volume that is the problem, we have seen cars that look like somebody has poured 4-5 gallons of treacle over them. In one particular case the customer told us that they always parked under the same tree with no problems, but one hot spring day the tree sap fell like rain. A sudden change in temperature can cause a build-up in carbon-dioxide that can force sap from a tree, some bacterial diseases can do the same thing.

First Aid Advice

Tree sap is mainly sugar and water, so washing with warm or hot water will remove it in most cases. A good car shampoo will also help so get your car washed before it dries hard.
Once it does dry it is as hard as a boiled sweet, washing will eventually remove it but it may be slow going. Don't try to scrape it off as this may cause damage which is far more expensive to remove than the origional problem.

Bird Mess & Egg

Both bird-lime and egg can be corrosive to your paintwork causing etching, so it's advisable to remove either as quickly as possible. Once either begin to etch the paintwork, the corrosive substances get into the paintwork and can continue to disolve it every time they get damp. Rain, morning dew or washing your car will re-activate these corrosive compounds so it's important to nutralize them.

How much will it cost?

Some kinds of sap are easy to get off, some are extremely difficult and require special solvents. We can never quite tell how long it will take to remove until we have tried to remove it. So what we do is work on the car for one hour, we can then phone you with an estimate of how long the rest of the car will take, although often we can remove it within this hour. Usually we won't charge to remove tree sap as part of a valet.

With Bird's mess and egg, the problem is not the removal, it is repairing the damage caused by etching. Please see our Paintwork Correction and Wetsanding services for prices and details.

Scratches caused by scrubbing.
Please use great care if trying to remove contamination yourself. Never scrub with pan scourers or even coarse cloth, it can seriously scratch your paintwork.
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Service Prices
First ½ hour £24.50
Each further ½ hour £24.50
Hourly Rate £49.01
Material Costs per Hour - For specialist machines and products such as mould inhibitors, bio-active enzymes, & solvents. Normal materials/sundries are in included in the hourly rate, eg detergents, masks & gloves. £9.00
There's no VAT to be added to our prices

Do I claim on my insurance?

Highly unlikely - if it does lead to an insurance claim, it's most likely to because somebody has damaged the car while trying to remove tree-sap, bird's mess or egg. This does happen quite often and great care should be taken when trying to remove contamination from cars.


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