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"How can I get the smell of
spilt milk out of my car?"

Using a shampoo extractor to suck out spilt milk.Injecting EnzymesDrying with a cold air blower. Fogging with anti-bacterial agents.

Milk is packed full of the nutrients that help your children grow, but unfortunately, it's also great food for growing bacteria which cause foul odours. Without the proper equipment to extract milk spillages, most attempts to clean up milk will result in plenty being left behind creating an ideal breading ground once your car gets warm. Once the bacteria starts to grow, it gets into the air (which is what you can smell) and then covers every surface.

Once you get that sour milk smell in your car, it can be very difficult to get rid of, any attempt to wash it out may kill the bacteria for a short time, but you may also be diluting the milk and spreading it further. As long as the milk remains, the bacteria will return and so will the stink.

So the way to handle milk is to blot out as much of it as possible and remove most of the rest with a shampoo extractor... but even this will leave some diluted milk. This is enough to stink your car out unless treated with enzymes which eat the milk leaving nothing left for bacteria to feast on.

Special enzymes can be injected deep into carpets and seats and will get to milk that couldn't possibly be cleaned otherwise.

First Aid Advice

If you have small spillages of milk on carpets, you can blot out most of the milk. Then wash the area will small amounts of water, again blotting it out again. Soaking the area will only succeed in spreading the milk. We suggest using warm water mixed with biological washing up liquid as this contains enzymes. Lastly, you can use a solution made up of warm water and bicarbonate of soda -- this will help to lessen any odours and can be vacuumed out later once dry.
Bacteria breads like wildfire when it's warm, so you may find you get a smell when the sun comes out, if this happens you can repeat the processes above, remembering to keep the area you are washing to a minimum.

Unfortunately, we often find that milk spillages involve 1-2 litres of milk spilling in the boot, in which case it ends up in the spare wheel compartment and down under the back seats. As removing the milk completely is the only way to avoid odours, any situation where the milk ends up in hard-to-get-to places is likely to require professional decontamination. In such cases we can only suggest that you get the car to us as quickly as possible.

How much will it cost?

It depends on how much milk was spilt and where it went -- it also depends on if odours have started and how bad they are. We can never quite tell how long it will take to remove milk and odours until we have tried to remove them. So what we do is work on the car for half an hour, we can then phone you with a more accurate estimate of how long the rest of the car will take, although sometimes we can remove it within this hour.


Odours are very tricky to remove because although we might kill the bacteria, unless we completely remove the source of the smell, they are likely to return. So sometimes it takes us a couple of attempts.
We call you after one week to see how things are going, if the problem is returned we will treat it a second time for free.

One in a hundred cars may have a persistent problem that our normal service can't get to. In these rare cases, then interior parts such as seats many need to be removed for us to get to the problem. This will require a separate quotation.

Price Menu

Rates for dismantling/fitting, decontamination and deodorizing.

Service Prices
First ½ hour £21.00
Each further ½ hour £21.00
Hourly Rate £42.00
Fogging (if whole car contaminated) £36.00
Material Costs per Hour - For specialist machines and products such as mould inhibitors, bio-active enzymes, & solvents. Normal materials/sundries are in included in the hourly rate, eg detergents, masks & gloves. £8.00
There's no VAT to be added to our prices

Do I claim on my insurance?

Very few of these kinds of jobs warrant a claim because the vast majority of these can be done within 2-5 hours, with the longer jobs being those where we need to remove carpets and/or seats. In rare cases where it takes longer, just a call to the insurance company can turn it into a claim. If it's really bad, we usually recommend that you call your insurance company before work begins, just so they know they are happy with you bringing it here. We deal with all the major insurance companies.

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