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Interior Paint Spillages

If you take a tin of paint from a cool air-conditioned DIY centre and put it in your car on a hot day, there is a fair chance that the air inside will expand and make the lid pop off. In the spring time we sometimes have three a week to clean up.

First Aid Advice

DO NOT attempt to clean it up yourself, it will most likely spread the paint and make it more difficult to remove. Furthermore, it's far easier for us to remove the paint when it's still wet, and mopping up most of the paint will only cause that which is left to dry more quickly. [Example]

Gloss White paint on leather seats - this spirit based paint is very difficult to remove.Emulsion spilt in a boot.Lid comes off a tin of emulsion paint.
Fumes from paint and solvent can be intoxicating! Use great caution if driving a contaiminated car, cover with wet towels and plastic sheeting (i.e. bin bags), and ensure plenty of ventilation. Or have the vehicle transported.

So instead we suggest that you cover the paint with some wet towels or sheets (ones you don't want anymore) to stop the area drying our. You can also mist the area with water from a trigger-spray bottle. Call us at the earliest opportunity.

How much will it cost?

Some kinds of paint are easy to get off, some are extremely difficult and require special solvents. We can never quite tell how long it will take to remove until we have tried to remove it. So what we do is work on the car for half an hour, we can then phone you with a more accurate estimate of how long the rest of the car will take, although sometimes we can remove it within this hour.

Price Menu

Rates for dismantling/fitting, decontamination and deodorizing.

Service Prices
First ½ hour £21.00
Each further ½ hour £21.00
Hourly Rate £42.00
Material Costs per Hour - For specialist machines and products such solvents. Normal materials/sundries are in included in the hourly rate, eg detergents, masks & gloves. £8.00
There's no VAT to be added to our prices

Do I claim on my insurance?

In about 20% of cases we can clean the car very quickly so that the cost is less than your insurance excess -- this is mainly with water based emulsion spilt in the boot or on a foot well. Boot carpets tend to be very tough and easy to remove from the car making things simple. However in many cases the paint will pour down under the rear passenger seats which will usually mean we have to remove them.
Paint can stain and discolour leather and plastic parts meaning we will have to re-colour them which can be expensive, although not as expensive as replacing them, which is why in every case we have ever had, the insurance company has been happy to let us do the work. Call your insurance company and tell them you would like to bring the car to us. We deal with most major insurance companies and are happy to liaise with them.

You can bring your direct to us, or we can collect cars from anywhere in the country. See out Transport page for options.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us. The more quickly you act, the more easily we can deal with accident clean-ups.


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