Accident Clean Up

How much will it cost?

(Regardless of who's paying)

There is very little we haven't handled over the years. Whatever the problem, chances are we are equiped to handle it. Click here for a list of things we deal with and how much it's likely to cost. [list]

The only thing to remember is that these problems are almost always easier (and cheaper) for us to deal with if we can get to them quickly. We treat accidents as a priority and will try and fit you in as soon as possible.

Accident Clean-up  Case Study

There is usually something that can be done right away before you get to us, such as covering spilt paint with wet towels to stop it drying, or treating flood damaged cars with an emzyne detergent, so talk to us at the earliest oppotunity.

Do I Claim on my Insurance?

If the cost of the clean up is close to the cost of your excess, then it's likely that you won't want to make an insurance claim. However, it's still best to involve your insurance company from the begining. If you wish, we can contact them on your behalf -- we deal with all the major insurance companies.


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Contact Us About an Accident Clean-up

Please don't hesitate to contact us. The more quickly you act, the more easily we can deal with accident clean-ups.

Positive feedback for a Accident Clean
Paint Splatter and scratches on frontwing. The car after a good polish.

"I took my car in after being tecommended by an insurance assessor. I was extreamly pleased with the level of service given.

The member of staff I delt with (Kieran) was really helpful and down to earth -- not making me feel like a silly woman.

The work that was done was on my car produced excellent results and I was kept up to date with the progress.

My car had splashes of paint on the bonnet, wing and bumper, with scratches all over where someone had tried to clean the paint off. There is no sign of any paint or scratches now, the body work now looks like new."

Toyota Celica Ann Marie - Great Dunmow- 8-05-09
Videos about Accident Clean-ups
Fence Paint splatter on car video   Paint spillage in car video   Odour remove, the smell of smoke in a car.



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