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Kieran Bass - New Again

Paint Sealants
Paintwork Correction
Lease Returns
Project Management



Kieran About

Before joining our team, Kieran held various positions at a Honda dealership and he is still an enthusiast for the marque, using a Type R on track days... he also has a box full of trophies for kart racing!

Since working at New Again, Kieran has become highly proficient in paintwork correction techniques for which this company is famous. Thus he is our man for managing Modern Car Renovation projects. He'll also be answering questions about Paint Sealants.

Gary Wray - New Again

BVRLA Lease Inspector

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Gary has been in the business for over 20 years. Over that time he has attended many training courses and sessions in all aspects of auto reconditioning.

He is also qualified in Smart Repair with SmartWise, and has achieved I.I.C.R.C. qualifications in Odour Control.

More recently, Gary completed training by Manheim to become a qualified B.V.R.L.A. inspector, and has inspected over 500 cars prior to return.

Arron Shaw - New Again

Project Management

Accident Clean up
Fire & Flood Damaged Vehicles
Fleet Vehicles
Lease Returns

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Arron is the newest member of our team having been with us since 2007, before which he was in property development and management. He has brought skills to the job which he has put to good use managing project cars, especially those damaged by fire and flood which is rapidly becoming his specialty.

Arron is also involved with lease return inspections.


Smart Repairs

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Geoff is very experienced in all forms of Smart Repair technique -- he used to teach the subject! Like many of our experts, working on cars runs in the family and Geoff is the son of a coach trimmer, and has been involved in vehicle repair most of his life.

The area where Geoff really excels is in the repair of scuffs and scrapes on vehicle exteriors and this is what he'll be answering questions on. So please send in your photos.


Accredited Leather Expert

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Alan About

Alan has been involved with the care and restoration of upholstery and leather for over 20 years and his furniture restoration business has many high profile clients.

Alan has achieved I.I.C.R.C. and L.T.T. qualifications in leather care.

He has worked on Aston-Martins, Jaguars, Rolls-Royce, Maserati and Alfa Romeos among others -- examples can be found on this website including this video of a DB7.

Peter M

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Paint Expert

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Peter MAbout

Peter has been in the business of refurbishing wheels since 1999, although now days he trains and equips small refurbishment companies all over the UK and Ireland. He also runs HR Automotive, a paint supplier which specializes in primer, paint and lacquers specifically for wheel refurbishment.

Like many of our panel of experts, Peter is a petrol-head and owns a Caterham 7 and a Nissan GTR which he uses for track days.


Paintless Dent Removal

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Christopher came recommended to us and during the three years he has been doing our dents has never stopped amazing us, removing dents we wouldn't have thought possible.

He's removed thousands of dents on just about every vehicle you can think of, and without a doubt is the best we have ever seen (and we have seen quite a few).

Danny (The Web Stig)

Technical Issues

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Danny is expert in a great many things, unfortunately few of them are useful here!

However, if none of the experts listed above know the answer, Dan is the man to get on the phone or the e-mail thing-a-ma-bob to find somebody who can offer an expert opinion. He has a very full address book which includes experts from California to Vienna.


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