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Vision and Mission Statements, Values, Beliefs and Principles
Vision Statement

A great British company that takes care of cars with passion and practicality. The place where the world knows that when you drive away, you drive away with a great feeling about your car.

A letter from the future
Right now in September 2014, we have sent over 645,000 people away with their problem fixed, feeling good about our service, and feeling great about their car.

Now we are having a neutral impact on the environment, and are looking forward to new ways to improve this with a target of having a significant positive impact.

We now employ full and part time, around thirty honest, hardworking, enthusiastic people, who are passionate about what they do.

We now have a business dedicated to training both our people and our customers in all aspects of car care, safety and practicality.

We are looking forward to multiplying this, making it commonplace around the world.

Mission Statement

To recreate the fantastic feeling and experience you get when driving a brand new car.

To maintain the feeling and experience the car-designer intended to give when the car was new. This in-turn maximizes the car's residual value and selling appeal.

It's our mission to build a great team of people who are passionate about using new techniques and practical tried and tested smart repair methods, and bringing them together under the same roof to provide the following five services:

It's our mission to understand and to train our people to be experts in these services and to make their knowledge freely available so that anyone in the world can benefit.

Values, Beliefs and Principles

Our way...

Consistency - We apply our values in our relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, employees, customers and the community. We aim to provide consistency and reliability in everything we do.

Integrity - We will only provide appropriate, genuine and lasting solutions with no gimmicks and no shortcuts. We are aware that we have an impact beyond the customer standing in front of us -- People all over the world read our website, cars we have repaired change hands, we ensure our values extend as far as our work and our advice.

Transparency & Honesty - What you see is what you get. We have no pretence to be something we are not, and no hidden agendas, we are happy to explain our methods and decisions.

Respect - We respect your decision to take or not take our recommendations.

Everything we do will be based on a long-term vision and mission, even at the expense of short-term financial gains.

Our Values in Practice:

If you recommend somebody to us, be it a friend, daughter, mother, or uncle, you can rest assured that they will receive the same service you did.

If you send someone to us and you are paying, maybe you scuffed someone's car and have offered to get it fixed. You can trust that we will deal with the matter, the same as if you were standing here.

Likewise, if you send people to us and you wish us to take short cuts, I'm afraid we won't do it.

We only provide repairs that are appropriate to the damage and the situation. We do not do temporary cover-ups, we don't think it fair that problems come back later for the new owner of the car, in fact we guarantee all our work.

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