Step 3 - Booking in - 01245 350035

Book your car in for a lease return inspection

To book your car in with New Again (Clean Image), phone 01245 350035. You will need to pay a booking deposit. Lead time is usually 5-7 days. Make sure you write down your appointment time. Use the space below and then print this page.

Appointment time:

New Again,
The Car Wash,
New Street,
Essex, (Please note - we are not mobile!)
CM1 1GJ.

01245 350035

Tel: 01245 350035

5 things we would like you to consider
before you leave your car with us

Do you want to save the most money? Or is peace of mind more important?
Most people just want us to save them the maximum money, but we find that many of our customers just want to get the whole thing over and done with… although it is sometimes cheaper to accept a refurbishment recharge than to have a repair done, they would rather have us tidy up every last bit and know its done that have to worry about getting a letter from the lease company a couple of months down the line. And although sometimes there are areas of damage that are ‘borderline’, they would rather just get it done and know the car will be returned without penalties, rather than returning it and keeping their fingers crossed!

When does the manufacturer’s warrantee expire?
If you are returning a car within the warrantee period, there may be areas of damage that we can advise you to have your dealership fix under warrantee at no cost to yourself.

Do you have your contract with you? Does your lease company publish its own fair wear and tear guidelines?
While the vast majority of lease companies by-and-large go by the BVRLA standard, there is some variation in certain areas – some may be stricter, some are more lax! While we gather as much information as we can on the lease companies standards, we can only advise you based on the best information we have. If you can provide us with information about your lease agreement it can only be to your benefit.

Can you get a list of charges from your Lease Company (or fleet manager).
Not all companies charge the same, and sometimes just a few pounds more or less can swing a decision, so if you can provide this information it is helpful.
Not all lease companies are willing to give out this information (or if they are, they are slow to do so!) so don’t worry if you can’t get it. Often they are more likely to give it out to fleet managers than individual lease holders.

Does your lease company have a lease charges threshold?
Most lease companies have a threshold and will not send you recharges if the total falls under a fixed figure. In our experience this is usually about £100. It is certainly worth asking your lease company what the figure is.

…and finally
If you plan on leaving the car with us until it is collected by the lease company, please make sure you leave us your documents, spare keys and anything else that belongs with the car.
(Please check with your lease company that they are willing to collect it from our premises - they may want a signature from you).


Why don't we just give you a phone number?